Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Final Thoughts Month of October: Blog 5- Letters from Mom & Mimi

Happy Halloween My Sweet Pea!

For us, we don’t need just one day to scare people… just the thought of us coming through any door recently makes people groan.  Now I am not normally a dramatic person (nor do I prefer to produce excitement or draw attention to myself) but that’s what my life with you and Will has become.  And since it’s only temporary, I’m ok with that.

Final Thought:  Of late, we bring chaos.  Wherever we go.  No matter what time of day.

I find myself apologizing a lot (mostly on Will’s behalf).  Or before I accept an invite with my clan to go anywhere, I preface with “We are very crazy right now so if you want to reconsider your offer, I understand.” 

Here are current examples (and yes Ellie, I will put most of the blame on Wreck-it-Will.  More specifically the chaos is worse if the ratio of kids isn’t equal to the number of adults present):

1.     We can destroy any home in 5 minutes flat.  Mimi’s house before we come over is so perfectly clean.  After we leave (even if it’s a quick 10 minute stop), her home looks like a bomb went off in the living area but the effects of the blast are felt in every room.  In all corners.

2.     We went to a play date recently.  Will was playing with the books on the bookshelf as you and your friend were looking at dress-up clothes.  Before I knew it, Will found a porcelain piggy bank and pulled it down shattering it into many pieces and scattering coins everywhere. 

3.     We went to the grocery store to buy cupcakes a few days ago (decorated with blue and white icing) for a birthday party.  By the time I got you both out of the cart and in your car seats, I realized that the bakery box had tumbled over upside down.  I was about to cry except that a student I taught several years ago was working there.  He was wheeling the shopping carts back into the store when he saw what happened and offered to get me a new batch of cupcakes with no extra charge.

4.     Our craziness at church is enough to make anyone’s head spin (your trips to the bathroom, Will’s screaming and attempts to escape the pew are insanity).  Two weeks ago, I thought I had done a good job cleaning up (the Cheerios, milk, toys, wipes) after ourselves (while juggling Will in my hands) but it wasn’t until I was driving out of the parking lot that I spotted the very kind man seated behind us carrying out Will’s empty applesauce packet.

5.     At the local pumpkin farm last week, you hopped out of the car ready to do the corn maze with your Dad but it was then that you realized you didn’t wear your shoes.  I didn’t ask you the very obvious question, “How do you get in a car and forget those?”  

6.     We didn’t have cable for a good portion of August.  Will ripped out the cable cord, and Digital TV had a two-week wait list to send someone out to help us.  He also busted out our screen door onto the deck.  Apparently he wanted to be outside badly enough that he head-butted his way through. 

7.     As a way to appease you and Will in the grocery store, I feed you snacks.  I will not be giving Will yogurt pouches anymore.  He’s figured out if he whips them around, they splatter on everything (kind of like paint).

8.     When Will is done eating, he throws his food.  Chocolate milk and marinara sauce is hardest to scrub off the wall.  Even though food isn’t allowed in my living room, I find noodles and crumbs always.  I finally figured out they were coming from the folds of Will’s chubby legs.  When he stands up and straightens out, all the hidden food gets dislodged.  Needless to say on the rare occasions we go out to eat with Will, I tip well.  Very well.

9.     Meeting friends at the park used to mean that I could chat with the other moms.  Not anymore.  I’m now chasing after Will to make sure he doesn’t eat acorns (I’m pretty sure he thinks they are grapes) or goes headfirst down the slide.

Thankfully, with all of the confusion and commotion we create, there are so many kind and patient people to help.

I love you Ellie.

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