Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Final Thoughts Month of October: Blog 3- Letters from Mom & Mimi

Dear Ellie,

Final Thought: Always tell the truth, no matter how embarrassing!

We were at the park playing with friends during the afternoon of Uncle Ryan’s birthday celebration.  It was a chilly day so you wore a sweatshirt there but within five minutes of you running around, you got hot and shed it on a nearby bench.  We said good-bye to our friends and left to go home to pick up your Dad so we could all go to Uncle Ryan’s as a family.  On our way out of the driveway, you remembered your favorite sweatshirt that we left at the park so we made a quick detour back there.  As your Dad waited in the car with you and Will, I ran to the bench, grabbed it along with the two others that I thought belonged to our friends who we had the play date with.  We called their mom on the way to Uncle Ryan’s to say that we had their shirts.  The mom was a bit confused saying she didn’t remember packing their sweatshirts but definitely could have.  We went on to have a wonderful dinner that evening celebrating Uncle Ryan’s birthday.  

After I put you and Will to bed, I hopped on online to check my Facebook account and that’s where I saw it.  A status posted in our community’s moms group (which I might add, all of our friends are on) read:

Did someone take two fleece sweatshirts from the lower part of Holmes Foster park around 5:30 this evening? We had gone up to the bathroom at the upper park, and by the time we came back down the sweatshirts were gone. We were told by a mom that a lady drove up in a gray car, and got the two plus another sweatshirt that were on the bench and drove off. I am hoping she meant to take only one, but accidentally grabbed all three. If any one of you accidentally took them, please let me know, I can come pick them up. The shirts have my kids' names on them.

I gasped and thought, “Ohmygosh… I am a thief!  I could just see my name in the papers now… Clothing Criminal Pilfers Shirts Practically Right off Children’s Backs!”  I quickly responded to the post clumsily explaining how I made the mistake and we figured out a time for me to drop the sweatshirts off at the owner’s home.  All was resolved within 24 hours. 

And needless to say, many of our mom friends at preschool saw the post.  We have all had a good laugh about it.

Seriously Ellie, this mom stuff can be crazy sometimes! 
I love you sweet girl!
Mom (aka the Clothing Criminal)

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