Thursday, October 23, 2014

Final Thoughts Month of October: Blog 4- Letters from Mom & Mimi

Hi Ellie!

I have to say that as a grandparent, seeing you and Will when excitement takes over your whole beings brings your Poppy and me the greatest joy.  At one year old Will is still at the “ooooo, ooooo, ooooo” stage where as you, who are now 41/2 years old, can share your excitement with oodles of words!

Final Thought:  With every waking day there is usually a memorable experience of some sort!

On this day Ellie, that memorable experience would have to be the moments leading up to seeing the play Hairspray, the moments during the play Hairspray, and the conversation that came after the play Hairspray.  You actually started asking on Thursday if we were going to the Play on Friday.  Then on Friday you asked if we were going to see it on Saturday.  And on Saturday you were quite happy when the answer to your question, “Is it tomorrow?” was a “Yes!”  But when we got to Sunday morning, a new question arose which was, “How long until we leave for the play?”  And you asked it every hour on the hour until we were finally ready to leave! 

Now going back to Thursday- your Mommy, you and myself had a what-should-we wear conversation.  Your Mommy and I thought it would be so much fun to get really dressed up in dresses and boots and jewelry where you thought it would be much better if we wore comfy clothes… you know… those go-to fleece pants and crock shoes!  And no matter how hard we tried to entice you in wearing a dress, it just wasn’t going to happen! 

Back to Sunday- So now we have parked the car in a lot near the theater, walked inside and realized that we still had plenty of time before the show started.  Figuring that you would want a snack, we asked you if we should all get in line for some popcorn and chocolate milk from the snack bar.  You answered with a strong NO but it was not because you weren’t hungry but rather because you were so afraid the show would start before you even got to find your seat.  So in we went to find our 1st row center seats right in front of the orchestra.  

El, you were over the moon excited, and that sure did make your Mommy and me smile!  During the play it was fun to sneak a peak at you now and then and see that you were singing along to some of the songs (I guess watching the movie more than a dozen times paid off!).  And during the last song finale, a blast of shimmering streamers sailed into the audience.  El, you were able to snatch up a royal blue one and held on to it so tightly… it was kind of like your very own personal autograph from the show (it’s now pinned to your bulletin board in your bedroom)!  After a standing ovation, you were quick to say that your absolute favorite songs were Good Morning Baltimore and You Can’t Stop the Beat (heck, I’m 57 years old and I can’t even remember people’s names let alone multiple word song titles!!  Actually if asked, I probably would have massacred the titles of those songs too!).  Once outside and back in the car, you continued to chat about the performance.  Ellie, you said your favorite part of the play was when they showed the underwear hanging from the clothesline.  The big panties sure did have you giggling!  You also stated that you preferred Tracy’s finale dress in the movie (the black and white one) to the dress she wore in the play (the hot pink sparkly one).  Apparently, you prefer darker colors El, at least that is what we are surmising because you made sure to reference that you prefer the new Panera Eatery over the old Panera Eatery for the same reason!  The best though was when we left the theater.  You were so happy Ellie-bean and you asked if we could go to another play soon.  My answer to that Ellie is, “Absolutely!”  I myself have always enjoyed the theater, whether it is professional or local talent, and to watch you at 4 ½ years old enjoying the theater just as much is truly an added perk for me!

I love you Miss Future Theater Patron!

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