Thursday, October 9, 2014

Final Thoughts Month of October: Blog 2- Letters from Mom & Mimi

Hi Ellie!

You, Miss Chatterbox, are hilarious at times.  Why just the other day while we were out shopping, out of the blue you decided to share some interesting information with me.  Now your Mommy will probably not be happy that I am revealing it in this blog but the story is just too funny not to share!  After all… it came from you!

Final Thought:  “Secrets” never stay ‘secrets’.

Ellie, I never quite know when or what will trigger a thought of yours that you feel needs to be revealed, but I do know that they usually make me giggle.  Let me give you a few examples… A few days ago when you and I were shopping in Target I pushed the cart that you were sitting in down the gift-wrapping and ribbon aisle.  The conversation that we were heavily engaged in had to come to an abrupt halt as you had some pertinent information that you felt needed to be stated immediately.
This is how it went.
Ellie:  “Wait Mimi… I have to tell you something.”
Mimi:  “Oh?”
Ellie:  “My Mommy says that I am not suppose to give away her secrets.”
Mimi:   “Hmmmm.  That’s interesting.  What secret does your Mommy have?”
Ellie:  “Well, she told me that I couldn’t tell.”
(Now Ellie, I know Kimberly pretty much inside out so I knew she would never share something ‘too deep’ with you.  So whatever the secret was, I was pretty confident that it had to be something silly that she had done.)  And I was right. 
I’ll continue.
Mimi:  “Oh Ellie, whatever her secret is I bet it is really funny.”
Ellie:  “It is Mimi.  See these strings?”  This is where you point to all the rolls of gift ribbons.
Mimi:  “Yeah.  What about them?”
Ellie:  “Wellllll…. Mommy ran it over with the vacuum cleaner.”
Mimi:  “Ooooooooooooo… that’s not good.”
Ellie:  “Yeah.  Actually the vacuum cleaner sucked up the whole balloon that it was attached to… and the stick it was tied to too!”
Mimi stifling a giggle: “Did she break the vacuum cleaner?”
Ellie:  “I don’t know.  But I do know the stick was broken.   I’m just not supposed to tell her secret.”
Mimi:  “Don’t worry El.  It is safe with me!” :)

Here is another example Ellie (a very short but interesting choice of words story).  And it is one that I think when you become a teenager you will have wished that I kept it a secret.  It may be embarrassing down the road some, but right now it is just an endearing quirky Ellie story!
You and I were driving back to your house.  At one point you commented that you had the ‘sniffies’.  But instead of sniffing in (inhaling through the nose) you were exhaling through the nose, which got your mind to thinking.
Ellie:  “Mimi?”
Mimi:  “Yes Ellie.  What’s up?”
Ellie:  “Why do we have nose boogers and ear boogers and eye boogers?”
Mimi trying to wrap her head around that one:  “Well, ones from a nasal drip, ones from wax build up and the other one is just yucky gunk.”
Ellie:  “So why do we have it?”
Mimi:  “That’s a really good question.  I think we should You-Tube it.  Your Mommy says that’s a good way to find out answers to tough questions!”
Ellie:  “Ok.  I was just wondering.”
And I was just wondering too Ellie where in heaven’s name do you come up with your descriptive words!

And now I will give you one more story that actually taught me a lesson.  The other night when you slept over we played the Twenty Questions Game while lying in bed.  It was my turn and here is how it unfolded.
Mimi:  “Here is your first clue Ellie.  You will find this thing in the ocean.”
Ellie:  “Is it a fish?”
Mimi:  “Not really, but kind of.”
Mimi:  “It has a really big head.”
Ellie:  “Is it an Angel fish?”
Mimi: “No.”
Mimi:  “It has suction cups.”
Ellie:   “What are those?”
Mimi:  “Things that stick to stuff.”
Ellie:  “Wellllllll… I don’t know.”
Mimi:  “Alright, her is another clue.  It has 8 arms.”
Ellie in a somewhat exasperated tone:  “Mimi… I have no idea what that creature could be.  So what the %#&& (hell) is it anyway?”
Mimi almost falling out of bed after that comment:  “Oh Ellie, you should not say that word because it is not a nice one.  Even in an ordinary sentence, it is a useless word that should not be used.”
Ellie:  “Ok.”
Mimi:  “Alright, let’s continue.  I will give you one more clue.  It starts with the letter O.”
Ellie:  “An octopus?”
Mimi:  “Yes!  And you couldn’t get that from any of my other clues?  Goodnight silly Ellie-bellie.  I love you!”
Ellie giggling: “Night Mimi.  I love you too.”

And the reason I am telling you the second story El, is because I may possibly be the culprit from whom you have heard the inappropriate word that you so effectively and appropriately used in voicing your frustration.  Would I like to keep that one a secret???  Yes!  Will I??? No!  It is usually the elders that teach the younger ones right from wrong.  But in this case Ellie, you (the younger one) taught me (the elder) to think before speaking.   Words have power and our choice of words can impact a statement.  I shall leave you with a quote from author Jennifer Hubbard; “Nothing Stays Secret Forever” Nor should it El, nor should it! 

I love you Little Miss Tell-All! 


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