Thursday, October 2, 2014

Final Thoughts Month of October: Blog 1- Letters from Mom & Mimi

Dear Ellie,

Halloween is around the corner but you’ve never needed an excuse to play dress up or wear daily costumes. 

When you arrived home this afternoon from shopping with Mimi, you couldn’t wait to show off your new gymnastics leotard, which came with a matching scrunchie.  You ran through the door exclaiming, “Look at how cool this is!  It’s just like the ones that the Tanner girls on Full House wear!”  I couldn’t help but chuckle as you have no idea how old those episodes of Full House are (we DVR them from Nick at Nite and let you watch one in the morning and one before bed as you love this show more than any other).  As you continued on about the scrunchie, you asked, “Do you know what this is?!”  I wanted to say, “Of course I know what it is.  I lived through the 80’s!  They held back my permed hair (and I had a thousand of them).”  But instead, I simply nodded as you excitedly told me more about them.  But because you are very picky about your hair, that scrunchie only made it on your wrist as a bracelet.  And I feel like that defines your fashion.

And speaking of your hair, I need to mention that you went to church last week wearing a long white blonde wig.  You had asked your Mimi to find you something to make your hair long (but since you have a love hate relationship with your hair, we keep it short).  The wig seemed to fix all of your problems. 

Ellie, as I repeatedly say, I love your sense of style and independence.  You don’t notice if people stare at you or maybe you simply don’t care (which I actually hope is the case). 

For Halloween this year, you want to be Olaf, the snowman from Frozen.  I love that you would rather be him than the princesses.  You think outside of the box.  I hope you keep that trait!

I love you Ellie!


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