Thursday, November 6, 2014

Final Thoughts Month of November: Blog 1- Letters from Mom & Mimi

Dear Ellie,

We can officially say “Happy Thanksgiving month!”   You know, November is a good reminder to us all as to just how important it is to always be thankful for what you have.

Final Thought:  Your Mom and I want to journal a daily list of all things we appreciate in honor of the upcoming holiday.  You will find these thoughts of ours to be at times deeply heartfelt, as well as silly but still important none the less!

And El, since it is my week to blog, I get to start this wonderful list! 

Day 1:  After chatting with you about ‘whatever should I be thankful for’ and before penning my first ‘appreciation’, I realized that I had to move things around.  This is why.   During our time together one afternoon I asked you out of curiosity if you could give me an idea of what I should be thankful for and your reply was quick and precise.  Ellie, you answered me with “Mimi, you can be thankful for me.”  And how could I deny that El, as I do feel truly thankful and blessed to have you in my life, and Will, and Kyle too even though our time together was short.   I find that my grandchildren give me a joy and a feeling of love that is hard to explain as its depth goes way beyond deep if that is even possible! 

Day 2:  My family.  That means Poppy, your Mom and Uncle Ryan, and your Dad and Aunt Samantha because they are my everyday blue skies and sunshine.  I also want to add my extended family to Day 2 Ellie, which includes everyone from both sides.  They also bring a sparkle to my life!

Day 3:  God, Faith and Prayer.  They are the foundation of my beginnings Ellie.  I draw on them each and every day and know they will carry me through till my end.  (This was my original 1st day gratefulness El.)  But then came our chat.  God, Faith and Prayer are still technically my number 1, but your comment melted my heart!  And when I looked up towards the sky that day, which was very blue and bright by the way, I knew that it was ok to move things around a bit.

Day 4:  Staying healthy.  I love getting down on the floor Ellie to play with you and Will.  I also love to give you both horsey-back rides while giddy-upping crazily throughout the house.  And I love to run around and play outside with you as you keep me feeling carefree and young!

Day 5:  Lessons learned, Ellie.  Even at my age I make my share of mistakes and I am always grateful to those who help me correct my errors.

Day 6:  Hair Dye.  Alright, I know this one sounds a bit vain and I apologize for that but I don’t understand why grey hair on men gives them an edgy distinguished look while grey hair on women gives us a wiry mess that can at times border on the look of craziness!

Day 7:  4 children shy of the total amount of candy bought for Halloween.  Because those 4 extra candy bars (and Poppy has always encouraged me to splurge and buy the big ones) becomes our snack after 8:00 pm on the night of this spooky holiday!

All right El, next week your mom will be writing her appreciations.  I know some will be very humbling, and I also know that some will be giving us the giggles because they will pertain to you and Will.  I think what your Mommy and I hope you understand from this months thoughts though is that ‘gratefulness’ can be found in more than just gifts.   You will find it in the air you breathe, the sights you see, the scents you smell, the sounds you hear, the sweetness you taste and the surfaces you touch.  It’s always there Ellie.  You just have to open your heart and let it in.

Thank you Ellie for being ‘you’.
Love Mimi

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