Thursday, September 25, 2014

Final Thoughts Month of September: Blog 4- Letters from Mom & Mimi

Hi Ellie!

This is such a beautiful, sunny, blue-sky kind of Sunday!  And it is one that hopefully many have taken advantage of and played outside!  We sure did… your Mommy and I took you and Will (both in strollers of course) to the PSU Creamery to grab an ice cream cone and leisurely eat them while taking a stroll over to the Arboretum and back.  What fun we always have!  But this week I am not going to write a blog about “our” time, rather it is going to be about “quality time” you spent with your Poppy.

Final Thought:  If you have a memory of a special time with a special person in your life as a child… don’t hesitate to repeat that memory or something very similar years later when you become an adult.

Ellie… one of Poppy’s favorite memories was one that his grandfather gave him.  It was not a monetary gift or a material gift but rather a gift of “his grandfather’s time.”  When Poppy was a little boy his grandfather would take him, and just him, for a trolley ride into Center City Philadelphia and back (if you are wondering what a trolley is, it is kind of like a bus on rails.  And instead of running on gas, they run on electricity down streets and through underground tunnels).  Anyway, to a little boy this was a really cool trip to take.  Poppy told me once that the experience of just looking out the trolley window, and seeing all the buildings, and people rushing from place to place, and traveling deep into dark tunnels with your grandpa sitting beside you chatting about it all was the absolute best.  And because of that long lasting treasured memory, he wanted to somehow give you that same experience… well maybe modified a bit because the small town we live in has no trolley cars.  So Poppy asked you the other day if you would like to take a bus ride around campus.  Ellie, I laughed because it was like history repeating itself… you excitedly said, “Of course Poppy!  When can we go?”  So Poppy set the date for just the two of you to ride the bus last Friday afternoon.  Ellie, I was not present but after talking with him that evening and you on Saturday, I don’t know who was more thrilled… you or Poppy!  You both talked incessantly and excitedly about the fun you had.  Here is what I heard:
* First your Mommy told me that even though Poppy had said that he wouldn’t be over to get you until around 3:00 pm for your campus bus ride, you waited quite a long time sitting on the steps outside of your house beforehand… you were that anxious!  She also said that you were perplexed as to where do you go to get a bus?
Never having a reason to ride a campus bus Ellie, you had no clue that there were quite a few places to ‘get’ a bus!
* Both Poppy and you told me the same backpack story.  Once you stepped onto the bus and took your seats towards the back door, Poppy said to you that everyone on the bus was probably thinking that you two were college kids.   You replied with a “No Poppy… I don’t think so.”  When Poppy asked you why, you continued with, “Well, we forgot our backpacks so they won’t think we are college kids!  Maybe next time I can bring my princess one!”  Poppy smiled and happily agreed.
* Poppy told me that one of the things you were really amazed at was the sheer number of buses that passed by while you two were traveling both on and off the bus.  You were constantly saying, “There goes a bus Poppy!  Oh boy, there goes another bus Poppy.  And another one!  And another one!” You, my sweet little Bean also told me the same story.  You were completely boggled by all the buses out there!
* Poppy told me that when you first got on the bus its number was 18.  He also said that you had no idea that when you exited the bus that it was at the very same stop where you began your journey!  Apparently when you completed your bus loop so to speak, you and Poppy went to have ice cream.   And you got quite excited when you saw that same bus number (18) pass while Poppy and you were sitting outside devouring your treat!  When I asked you the next day what your bus number was … you had to think for a minute and told me, “ um I think there was a 9 and a 1 in it.”
Giggling I thought to myself… close enough!

* Poppy told me that the long yellowish plastic ‘string’, which was located above the windows and ran the whole length of the bus, really intrigued you.  As badly as you wanted to randomly pull it, Poppy had to remind you that that was a “no-no” because every time it is pulled, it’s telling the bus driver that someone needs to exit the bus.  You told me there was a string on the bus that you were now big enough to pull because you are almost 5 years old and Poppy let you pull it when it was time for you and him to get off the bus!  El, you seemed mighty proud of yourself… all 34 inches of you!
* Poppy told me that you two chatted about all kinds of things during your 25-minute bus ride and extended ice cream adventure.   He said that while listening to you he could see how much you have grown just over the past few months and he soooooo enjoyed this time with you!  You told me that you two saw the Nittany Lion Statue (but didn’t get off the bus to see it), Rita’s Water Ice Shop and also the Toy Store, which is your favorite toy store (but you didn’t get off the bus to see those places either.)  You said you just saw them from your window!
*  Poppy told me the perfect ending to your bus ride adventure was visiting the PSU Creamery for some ice cream.  And you insisted on sitting outside even though it was chilly.  You told me that after the bus ride you and Poppy got ice cream in a cup (both chocolate) and you took Selfie pictures!

Ellie, for me it was such a joy to hear about yours and Poppy’s travel adventure.  For the most part both your perceptions of “The Bus Ride” were quite similar.  But I do believe that this story will change some through the coming years.  Over time, “The Bus Ride” will become bigger, grander and more personal.  That is quite normal as it is something we all do when we want to hold on to a memory from our childhood that involves someone very special to us.  By the time we (the child at the time) become the adult, we want that memory to be nothing less than perfect. 

Remember Ellie that you can’t buy ‘quality time’ with money.   Even though it comes with lots of perks such as adventures, memories, one on one conversation, and oh so much more… all of it is free.  You see… ‘quality time’ is priceless.  And if you are lucky enough to experience it in your lifetime, then make sure to repeat this gift with the generations that come after you.  If you do El, you will have given and received the greatest treasure of all…. Love.

Love Mimi

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