Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Final Thoughts Month of May- Blog 1: Letters from Mom & Mimi

Hi My Sweet Girl,

I don’t think there are enough words to tell you how much I enjoy spending time with you and Will.   

Final Thoughts: Know that you will have busy days… and those busy days are often the best and teach you the most.

A mom wears many hats… the one I seem to wear the most lately is that of a cruise director.  You wake up in the mornings wondering what will be on our day’s agenda.  “What are we doing today, Mama?”  Perhaps, it was our extremely long winter but I have our schedule pretty booked.  And in between our playdates, open gym, ballet, swim lessons, and preschool, we find time to go to the park and do art projects.  

I often wonder if it’s my own selfish need to be social that I pack so much into a day but you and Will don’t seem to mind.  And you still are talking about the Full House cast as if they are your family so we apparently do have downtime.  You still remind me constantly of exactly how much screen time you have… for instance, you picked a Frozen book and a Doc McStuffins book at bedtime tonight (you are learning to read, recognizing many site words and sounding out larger words).  But with your choices tonight, you knew the books by heart because you saw them on the television.  So note to self for tomorrow, pick books that aren’t portrayed on the screen.   

With the more consistent beautiful spring weather, you and I will go out on late evening walks after we put Will to bed.  On one night two weeks ago, you asked if you could go in Will’s stroller.  That meant that I could go faster and further so of course, I agreed.  As soon as I put you in it, you starting sucking your thumb and talking in a baby voice with limited vocabulary (as I share this story, do keep in mind that when you play make believe, you commit to your characters 100%..  And remember, I am a specialized instructor for children with development delays between the ages of 0-3).  On our walk, we ran into a co-worker of mine, another teacher.  When I asked you to say hello, you refused to break character and played the part of a rather young toddler very well…  Oh Ellie, you constantly remind me to not care what other people think.

And just today, I overheard you telling one of your dolls that you wish you had a third arm… well, that came straight from my mouth as I say that I wish I had more hands!!!

And then tonight, you said to me (after a 1 hour bedtime routine), “Mama, we never hang out anymore,” which completely guilted me into about ten more kisses and hugs.  And of course, I had to stay and explain to you the definition of the word manipulative. 

Ellie, I am all about having me time but this winter was too darn long… I LOVE hosting and having friends over.  It not only fills my home but fills my heart!


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