Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Final Thoughts Month of April- Blog 3: Letters from Mom & Mimi

Dear Ellie,

Easter is just about upon us.  And we are quite busy this Easter weekend- with the usual traditions of egg hunts, church, and a big family dinner.

Final Thought: Continue to always ask why…. don’t do things simply because people tell you, know the meaning and depth behind what is asked of you!

This year, we started hiding Resurrection Eggs and making Easter cookies for Easter, a tradition I want to continue throughout the years.  Both tell the story of Jesus’ last days.  For the Resurrection Eggs, I hid them first.  You would find them and then we would read the biblical passages (actually, the simplified preschool version), opening each egg (finding a concrete piece of the story) to begin a new chapter.  For instance, you found a donkey in the first egg representing Palm Sunday and how the people treated Jesus as a king.  

We opened 12 eggs in total, the last being a white empty one.  That represented the empty tomb in which Jesus had risen.  I loved the passage about Judah in particular; you compared him to Hans in Frozen (and I thought that was brilliant… yes Ellie, both were pretenders).  

The Easter cookies (also known as Resurrection cookies) were fun to make and each step of the recipe also recounted Jesus’ last moments on Earth so it reinforced the egg activity.  

One of the final steps was sealing the oven (which represented the tomb) and we had to leave the cookies in there for several hours (the directions said to preheat the oven and as soon as the cookie sheet is inserted, you turn the oven off).  The prompt for this part of the activity was to get you to understand sadness… because you had to wait (symbolizing the grief of those who loved Jesus).  You weren’t even the slightest bit sad because you had been eating the M&M’s and batter throughout the whole recipe so your belly was full!  

We dyed our Easter eggs talking about how they symbolize new life (just as spring is allowing those buds to form on the trees outside).

You asking why and looking for explanations is not just with the Easter holiday, the word ‘why’ has become quite the theme in our house lately.  Your questions are so thoughtful but it’s hard for me to explain them in your terms so I often go to YouTube for visual support (which helped you understand why it rains and why you can see the moon in the daytime).  Ellie, especially with matters of faith, don’t hesitate to question.  It will deepen your understanding of all things.

Happy Easter my sweet girl!

Love you,


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