Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Final Thoughts Month of April: Blog 4- Letters from Mom & Mimi

Good Morning Ellie!

I am glad my blog encompasses the weekend of Easter, as it truly was another Memory Keeper!  It is not in just your actions anymore El, but in what you say also!

Final Thought:  Holidays bring out the best smiles, family fun, interesting conversations and wonderful memories!

Well Little Miss Ellie-bean, our Easter weekend (Friday) started off on a typical and very familiar note… a strong discussion between you and your Mommy on “Yes, you are going to wear your Easter dress for the portrait” and “No, I am not going to wear that dress at all!”  So off we drove to Altoona with fancy clothes in bag and a huge bribe that all you had to do was put the dress and shoes on for 5 minutes and you could take them right back off again.  Sounds reasonable?  Your Mommy and I thought so.  You? Nope.  When we got to the photo session, we had you put the dress on (which was a whole size larger than you actually wear knowing that you don’t like anything tight) and within 30 seconds you began with the familiar “this dress is tooooo tight, it itches, I don’t want to wear it, and my shoes are too tight too” (even though they were a size bigger also!).  More bribes came and we were able to sit you down in front of the camera but at the expense of tears and a blotchy face, oh and with your brother Will… who by the way couldn’t stop smiling.  Out of a dozen shots, we did get “one” that turned out.  

I pretty much giggled silently through the whole ordeal because I remembered a time many, many years ago when your Mommy had done the same thing.  Only then I had your Great-Aunt Phyllis with me who had done everything in her power less stand on her head to get your Mommy to stop crying and smile just one time for the camera!   Oh Ellie what we adults do for a “perfect picture” when in reality the “perfect” is in a regular moment.  After all photos were taken I had to honor one of the bribes, which was to take you into the middle of the mall and let you ride the Easter train.  Seeing the Easter Bunny sitting so nicely not too far away prompted me to ask you a question and your response was priceless.  Here was our conversation Ellie. 
Mimi:  “Ellie…
Ellie:  “Yes Mim’s…”
Mimi:  “I know Santa Claus lives at the North Pole, but no one ever told me where the Easter Bunny lives.  Do you know?”
Ellie:  “That is an excellent question Mimi.  I will tell you.”
Mimi:  “Why thank you.”
Ellie:  “The Easter Bunny just hops around all day long every day.”
Mimi:  “How do you know that?”
Ellie:  “I just do.   And I think that there is a human being in that bunny.”
Mimi:  “A real human being?”
Ellie:  “Yep.  He’s got a costume on.”
Mimi:  “Oh, I didn’t know that either!  Wellllll…. But what about the bunny rabbit that comes and hides eggs and Easter baskets in our houses when we are sleeping?”
Ellie:  “Wellllll… It’s the human being in that costume.  He comes into your house and hides the eggs then leaves.”
Mimi:  “Hmmm… Interesting.  That’s another thing I didn’t know.”
Ellie:  “Yea.”
Mimi:  “But then where does he go when he is all done?”
Ellie:  “Oh he just hops away.”
(You, my little one, are truly a deeper thinker than your actual 4 years of age!)

On Saturday Poppy and I watched you and Will participate in the annual VFW Easter egg hunt.  Well, Will’s participation was pretty much just sitting on the Easter Bunny’s lap for a picture.  

You however, with homemade bucket in hand were ready to dash around and find as many eggs as you could that were hidden underneath the hay.  Apparently there was one golden egg worthy of a special prize, but you didn’t care.  

In your eyes Ellie, it was all about finding as many eggs as you could and by what was in your bucket I would say you hit the jackpot!  Your Mommy took you on another egg hunt (a much larger one) in the afternoon but I did not go along.  Good thing too because when your Mommy called, she said it was insanity!  Something tells me that that particular egg hunt will not be on next years’ agenda!

And then we come to Easter Sunday.  Our faith reminds us Ellie of what a glorious day Easter is, and I couldn’t agree more.  Poppy and I met you, your Daddy, Mommy and Will at church (Uncle Ryan and Aunt Sammy could not meet us as they had a very bad case of the flu.  We did miss them very much throughout the day).  But back to church, I love how you are picking up the words to more of the churches hymns and singing them a few notes higher now!  And no, you did NOT wear either of your beautiful Easter dresses, but chose a more comfy knit dress along with your pink light-up crocks instead!  You also shook a record “5” hands during the “Peace be with you” part of Mass and did it with an actual smile too!  I forgot to mention that right before mass your Mommy told me about yours and Will’s Easter morning and how much fun you all had finding eggs and the surprises that were hidden inside (and just like Christmas morning, you were ready to get up and start the day at 2:30 am!  Your mommy and daddy were not!).  Apparently the Easter Bunny hid your basket really good as it was in the coat closet which you could not find…  even with your Mom prompting you where to look, and even with you hitting your head on its doorknob!   I can only imagine that the morning at your house must have produced lots of giggles and much excitement when you found your plastic eggs filled with jellie-beans, money and your favorite flavored Chapsticks!  After church El, we did not meet up with you again until the middle of the afternoon when you and your family came over to our house for an Easter dinner.  The best was, apparently “that human being in a bunny costume” left a dozen eggs and Easter Bags for you to find here also.  The egg hunt was fun because the bunny left notes in each room as to how many eggs you were to look for.  

And the bag hunt was equally as fun because when you found it and what you call a Hooli-Hoop in the bathtub, outside to play is where you wanted to go!  

Right before dinner you came back inside to open all the plastic eggs.  I think your favorite treasures were the body glitter, the Miss Kitty watch, the chocolate coins and the puddy glitter.  I know the puddy glitter was not your Mommy’s favorite treasure because a little someone (meaning you Ellie) got a glob of it stuck in your hair.  How you did that I don’t know… but what I do know now is that puddy glitter is just like gum.  If you get it in your hair, scissors is its only removal!  Luckily your mommy was able to cut the glob of puddy hair out without leaving a bald spot!  Whewwwww… I know a human being Easter bunny that would not be in good graces if that didn’t end well!  Ellie-bean you always make me giggle.  The day was a perfect one as are all my days with you.  God has blessed me greatly Ellie and to Him I make sure to say thank you everyday.

You are and always will be my little jEllie-bean!
Love Mimi

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