Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Final Thoughts Month of May: Blog 2- Letters from Mom & Mimi

Hi El!

As I see you and Will each day, I am in awe of how beautifully you both are growing.  There are moments when I secretly wish ‘time’ would freeze, but that thought always, and quite quickly I might add, disappears when I realize that then there would be no future “Ellie-isms” or “Ellie-characters” or “Ellie-talk” to name a few.  Your personality is truly one-of-a-kind El, and I know I’ve said this many times but you really do keep us on our toes!  Watching you grow and mature is a real joy, as well as an experience.

Final Thought:  Don’t grow too quickly Ellie.  Enjoy each moment that life has to offer.  Your life is your garden Ellie.  Imagine it, explore it, create it, have fun with it, and most important… make it beautiful!

Ellie, this week’s blog idea came from our time spent together designing a new craft.  Yep… a garden, but not the real kind (you should know by now that I am the queen of plastic flowers… especially outdoors!).  Anyway, we went to Michael’s and bought a 2-foot long block of green Styrofoam, lots of popsicle sticks both long and short, readymade felt flowers, miniature bumblebees and ladybugs, paint, glue, and plastic insect critters.  After setting up our craft shop in the basement, we started painting some of the short sticks in your preferred choice of colors (pink, green, red, white and brown) for the garden fence.  

We painted about a handful of them before switching to the longer sticks which we planned to use for stems and painted them one color, green (of which somehow got onto the carpet even though we had a 5’ x 5’ plastic tablecloth laid down).  Your comment was, “Oh Mimi you know accidents happen.”   My comment was, “I know El, and I’m so glad we thought to buy Washable Paint!  Oh and let’s not bother Poppy with this tid-bit of information either!”  So we then spread the popsicle sticks out, as they needed about an hour drying time.  Good thing because you were ready to take a break and play something more exciting… like Pirates (I am not too sure that Poppy would be thrilled with us using the basement couch as a boat so we might want to keep that to ourselves also Ellie!).  But it did make bouncing on and off of it easy and fun to attack each other with our homemade paper-towel swords!  I loved how you spoke pirate lingo the whole time too, “Arghhhhhhhhh!”  And me seeking out the little plastic gold treasure balls you kept hiding certainly added to a gazillion giggles!  Satisfied with your pirate performance, you decided it was time to go back to working on the garden a bit.  So we glued some of the fence pieces together and the felt flowers to the stems.  And then you proceeded to jam the popsicle sticks into the Styrofoam with no rhyme or reason.  Once finished, you stepped back and together we admired the first stage of your garden.  It will now be up to you to decide when we will add more accessories to this beautiful handmade creation of yours!

Watching this garden of yours grow over time Ellie will be such a wonderful joy as each ‘moment’ that goes into it with your little hands will also give us a story.   Watching both you and Will grow on a daily basis is also a wonderful joy of mine.  What I see in your beautiful garden of life Ellie is a little girl who is learning kindness, compassion, patience and a sense of adventure.  You are growing beautifully El, may you continue to do so!  Each of your ‘moments’ is always a story.  A best seller I might add!

Love you arghhhhhhh little Ellie-mate!


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