Thursday, April 3, 2014

Final Thoughts Month of April- Blog 1: Letters from Mom & Mimi

Dear Ellie,

You and I already get into many meeting of the minds.  Like I constantly say, you have such a stubborn and strong-willed personality.  For instance, I know that I have to give myself extra time getting you ready for ballet because the inevitable, “I can’t wear this because it’s too tight!” ensues (but you always relent because you love the class so much).  And bath time at our house is a nightmare (you constantly cry out “I’m cold but the water is too hot,” “You are washing my hair too fast”). Brushing your hair in the morning is terrible, as the slightest tangle makes you scream (and you have very fine, stringy hair at this age).  But you are a smart girl and you can rectify many of your problems.  For example, two weeks ago while untangling your hair amidst many tears, you said, “I want to be like Rapunzel at the END of the movie.”  Well, that’s where she cut off her braid!  So I seized the moment, grabbed scissors and we have ALL been happier every since!  

So here is some advice to continue your own problem solving.

Final Thoughts: Although you are only a few years old, there are a couple of things within your control. 
  1. Please don’t ever say that, “he/she made me feel ___(fill in the blank with any emotion___.)”  Only you can manage your feelings.  When you say that someone made you feel a certain way, you have just handed your power over to him or her.  If you want to convey your feelings to someone, use I statements, “I feel ______ when you _______.”  This sentence is much more constructive and will lead to more communication and probable resolution.  Choose not to be a victim and make positive changes.          
  2. Please don’t ever say that you are bored.  Bored people are boring (like Mr. Knit Knots on Imagination Movers).  You have a mind (not to mention a million toys and books) at your disposal.  Use them.  You will become a more enlightened person because of it. 

You control your own destiny.  Take responsibility for becoming the best you possible.    

Don’t lose your spunk Ellie… it keeps me on my toes!

Love you,


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