Thursday, April 10, 2014

Final Thoughts Month of April- Blog 2: Letters from Mom & Mimi

Hi Little Miss Ellie!

I do hope your Mommy’s and my love of writing will some day become a love of yours too.  If that happens El, then I also hope that your Great-Great Grandmother Mundy’s talent of writing poems peeks a desire within you to give that style of creative writing a try also.  For me poetry is a fun challenge.  You see Spring officially arrived on March 20th, but you would never know it, because Mother Nature will not let go of Winter!  I think this is the first week of consistently nice spring weather so let’s hope it stays!

This picture was taken in late March!

Final Thoughts:  When frustrated, happy, stressed, or sad write a poem in the moment of your emotion.

Then just like that, thoughts and words pertaining to the seasons began entering my head.  If you remember my January blog on New Years Resolutions Ellie, I made my own resolution to pen more poetry this year.  And since the computer makes erasing a lot easier I quickly started typing all those thoughts and words that were swirling around in my head, changed a few, and rearranged some others, until I finally had a poem that captured my emotion.  Oh, and Ellie, the cool thing about poetry is there are no rules… no sentence structure rules, no capitals and punctuation rules, and no grammatical rules.  You get to create your own rules to fit your poems personality! 
So here is mine:

Spring Has Yet To Be Sprung

Spring has not yet sprung
Although it has been trying
Winter’s been procrastinating
And a tad bit defying!

The sun wants to warm
All the earth to sprout to green
But that nasty northern Vortex
Has a strength of mind: to be seen!

Every once in awhile
You’ll see a blossom rise
But then the temperature drops
And we’re in for another surprise!

A whipping wind to chill us
A flurry here and there
Oh Winter, you’re quite determined
To push back the Springtime air.

March is soon to leave us
And April’s around the bend
Oh please, oh please Mother Nature
Tame your wrath and let it end.

I can hear the birds a calling
As the rays of sun push through
The days are getting longer
And the earth’s canvas needs a hue.

You’ve done your job of cleansing
And getting rid of all the old
It’s time for you to hibernate
And ease up on that winter cold.

The Spring season and its rebirth
Has quietly begun
To awaken our earth and body
So Winter… It’s time to be done!

By: Michelle Russell

Ellie, your Mommy has already had you out to a few parks and riding your bike.  
And I can’t wait to join you!  Let’s catch some fireflies and eat ice cream in the backyard!  Even in my temporary frustration, I know the consistent spring weather is just days away and I am excitedly looking forward to spending it outdoors with you and Will!

Love you Ellie-girlfriend!

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