Thursday, March 27, 2014

Final Thoughts Month of March: Blog 4- Letters from Mom & Mimi

Hi Ellie…

I decided at the last minute to change my blog.  I scrapped my original writing as I realized it was much more important to give you a memory of your 4th children’s birthday party.  When I see you on a daily basis in your “go-to 2 outfits” you come across as Cinderella way before the Ball scene.  And then when I saw you the morning of your birthday all dressed up in a beautiful blue gown, well…

Final Thoughts:  Every little girl is born a princess.

Here is a memory for you Ellie.

What a wonderful birthday weekend you had!  I would like to touch upon it as this birthday was truly like a fairytale written just for you!  When your Mommy decided to have a children’s party separate from the family/friend party… we had no idea what was in store for us.  Seeing you answer the door in your Elsa costume was absolutely priceless.  Ellie, from your crown and earrings to your dress and glass slippers, instead of flitting around the room like a butterfly, you walked as though you were balancing a bowl full of fruit on your head!  My guess is that the high-heeled shoes must have been a bit tricky to walk in!  

Before the party ‘officially’ started as each of your friends arrived they were drawn to your playroom like magnets.  Everyone started shedding their clothes and donning all your princess costumes (except for Thomas who opted for the penguin attire!) And from their they found your vanity which housed what all little girls love; make-up (I think a new fashion trend erupted involving lots of eye shadow because we saw more than one uni-brow in deep purple and turquoise emerge)!  Anyway, when all your guests arrived we started the birthday party with a friendly greeting followed with games like Limbo, Pin the Tiara on Princess Aurora, Toss the Easter Eggs into the Bucket, and Musical Mats! Your Aunt Joanne had me giggling with her analogy of entertaining 10 preschool aged children.  She said, “Playing games with children under 6 years old is like trying to herd cats!”… And we all know how impossible that is!  Since you are usually in charge, your birthday was no different.  El, you tried to take control of each game and it really wouldn’t have been such a big deal if you actually knew the proper way to play them.  I think you may have had one minor meltdown at the beginning of the Egg Toss Game.  You insisted that the buckets be placed against the solid living room wall when I insisted they be placed in front of the couch.  You did not want to listen to my reasoning that if the buckets were placed where you wanted them, and the kids torpedoed those eggs, that wall was going to look like a hailstorm came through leaving oodles of ‘dings’!  Sorry El, but my reasoning won out since your reasoning was basically, “But I want it there!”  After the games were finished everyone gathered around the table to sing you happy birthday.  With a smile of satisfaction you inhaled deeply and exhaled trying to blow out all 4 candles at once.  One slight problem arose though when you ran out of air after extinguishing 3 of the 4 candles.  You quickly took in another breath and just as you were ready to blow it out, one of your little friends beat you to it.  Yep… that led to another very tiny meltdown.  But once the ice cream, juice, cookies and cake were served, 10 sweet smiles appeared, yours being the broadest!  

You then had everyone follow you into the playroom where you all settled down to watch a little bit of the movie Frozen. I went in at one point to check on everyone and was quickly attacked by what I call those Lizard Tongue Party Blowers!  Yikes… I high-tailed it out of there quickly!  Once everyone’s bellies were full (which didn’t take all that long) it was time for you to open your presents.  I think you loved everyone surrounding you as you tore off each gifts wrapping paper.  And each friend seemed excited and happy when you smiled at their gift and thanked them.  After 2 full hours Ellie, your birthday party had come to its end, and you gave everyone a ‘thank you’ goodie bag filled with prizes and candy to take home.  Then that evening you had another birthday party with family and friends.  More cake, more food, more presents (talk about a full day)!!! 

All-in-all, your birthday celebration was lots and lots of fun!  Now we need Spring to come because your Poppy and I can’t wait El till you are able to ride your new purple bike from one end of the block to the other like the big 4 year old that you officially are!
Love you Ellie-princess!

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