Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Final Thoughts Month of January: Blog 5- Letters from Mom & Mimi

Hi Ellie!

This week my final thought to you has something to do with “Bucket Lists” and how important it is to follow through with checking off some, if not all, of the items accomplished.  And El, you don’t have to be a senior citizen to start this process… actually I think the younger you are the better!

Final Thought:  As the years pass by, prioritize your Bucket List to accommodate your age.  It’s all about happy accomplishments Ellie and wonderful memories, not the “I should have when…” or “I wish I did…” statements that turn into regrets later on.

One of the items on my bucket list is very generic.  And that is because it has to do with Poppy.  I have classified this checklist item as: Anywhere Poppy wants to travel to… Go!  So this past weekend we drove to the Poconos to spend time with Steve and Jackie at their place.  Since I had the day off from school Poppy and I left early on Friday so we could get a full day of inner tubing in at Big Boulder Ski Resort.  
And what a blast it was!  Ellie, I think we were the oldest people there that day, but only in body… certainly not in “minds”!  We probably went down the tubing shoots at least 50 times and giggled with every run.  We even got to the point where Poppy and I would lock our tubes together with him taking position in the front and me in the back.  If we could stay in alignment without spinning Poppy and I could work up a speed that would have us flying well past the rubber strips that they had strategically placed at the end of each shoot to stop the tubers.  El, we had so much fun inner tubing that Poppy is hoping your family is available in a few weeks for a repeat.  I can only imagine the delight you will experience being the snow-bunny that you already are!  As for Will, we will have to work on convincing him that snow can actually be lots of fun! … 

Remember: It is all about Happy Accomplishment and Wonderful Memories.

Here is another important “Bucket List” item that is on my page Ellie: Take a girls’ trip with my Mom and Sister.  Since Gram Bubbles is now solidly climbing the 4th tier of the age ladder (she is a very spry 81 years, 4 months, and 28 days old) I thought it important to ask her what is on her Bucket List that she still wants to check off before she so calls “checks out.”  
Just so you know, Gram thinks that she has made a ‘live and die’ arrangement with God.  And it actually has a name (created by the one and only Barb Jones).  It is called ’Eighty-Five and Out.’  In other words, Gram believes that she has lived a quality life and will be ready at the age of 85 for the Good Lord to call her home.  I have told her I don’t think it works that way but she is quite stubborn and believes it will because that is what she wants (her analogy reminds me of the millennium hoopla when everyone believed that there would be a disastrous Y2K crash.  And did that happen?  Nope.  Everything is still just as it was).   But I guess I am getting off track now so back to the Bucket List.  Well, Gram’s reply to my question was, “I’ve always wanted to go to San Francisco Mickey, and I would love to go with my girls.”   So I called Aunt Sheri one day late last summer, told her about Gram’s wish, which she was totally on board with being a part of, and then booked a trip for the three of us to travel to San Francisco early this spring.  Ellie, not only is Gram Bubbles excited about this upcoming experience, but your Aunt Sheri and I are too, especially since we get to share this special time with our Mom.  …  Remember: It is all about Wonderful Memories and No Regrets.

I still have many more items on my Bucket List to share with you Ellie, but they are for another time. 

Before I close this blog though I thought it would be fun to hear what you, as a 5 year old, would put on your Bucket List.  Silly me… I should have realized that you wouldn’t have a clue as to what a “Bucket List” is, so first things first.  Your Mommy was kind enough to explain to you its definition, and after a little bit of thought you came up with 3 endearing items to add to your own.  Here they are Ellie: 1.) Look for bunny rabbits.  Now this may be viewed by others as a bit odd, buy hey… it is your list El, and I am pretty sure that this will be an easy one to check off before you become a senior citizen!  2.) Visit Catherine and Henry in England.  I am personally liking this one El.  You just might find me hiding in your suitcase with my passport in hand ready to tag along!  3.) Take horseback riding lessons.  This has got to be the sweetest one as its connection comes from the little stuffed pony Poppy got you that never leaves your sight.  

I am not sure but you may be the youngest person who has officially started a Bucket List Ellie.  And that is a good thing as it is just a way of reminding us to embrace life to its fullest.  Remember: It is all about No Regrets.

Love you Ellie Girlfriend!


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