Friday, January 2, 2015

Final Thoughts Month of January: Blog 1- Letters from Mom & Mimi

Hi Ellie,

Can you believe we are now into another new year?  And what a great one it shall be, especially for you!  First of all, you will be turning 5 years old this March, and also starting kindergarten in the fall… 2 huge first time moments!  So what is my final thought for you this blog?  Well….

Final Thought: Follow your heart Ellie.  Let your dreams and hopes guide you as well as the wisdom of those you trust. 

I recently realized that I also needed to take heed to this insight.  While Gram Bubbles was visiting last week, she said to me, “Mickey, when are you going to write another poem?  You write beautiful ones and I like reading them.”  Here is a woman Ellie (that I trust) who puts all her confidence onto me.  And I thought, “Hmmmmm…. I am overdue, so I guess I shall give it a try.”  And here is what my heart had to say:

The Season of Spring

I love Winter, Summer, and Fall
But Springtime is the best of all

The old year’s done, the new year’s here
Never to stay, so hold it dear.

With it comes Hope, Promises, Dreams
Snowflakes will thaw while sunshine gleams

Winter departs so Spring can appear
On March 21st, it’s in full gear!

Green buds sprout all over the land
Renewing its color as God had planned

Around comes May with its sweet flowers
Thanks to April for its misty showers

Cold cloudy days give way to blue skies
And songbirds sing a heavenly surprise

The air fills with laughter and childhood play
The earth comes alive with each passing day

Fresh air and smiles are Springtime’s face
A season of beauty because of God’s grace.

By: Mickey Russell

Like always El, when writing this blog my ideas stem from you. You see, you are a springtime baby.  And from day one you have always been my blue skies and sunshine.  And now Will is too.

Happy New Year sweet one!

Love Mimi

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