Thursday, December 25, 2014

Final Thoughts Month of December: Blog 3- Letters from Mom & Mimi

Dear Ellie,

This has by far been my best Christmas season ever.  Watching the magic through yours and Will’s eyes is indescribable.

Final Thought: Remember that Christmas is not just a day.  It’s a feeling, it’s the act of giving, and it’s a fundamental part of our faith.  Always let that true and pure spirit shine through no matter what time of year.

How we got into the spirit in the final weeks leading up to Christmas:

1.     Daddy’s work organizes a children’s Christmas party every year.  Santa visits after we eat pizza (and Will still cries every time he sees the big guy).  

There is a huge arts and crafts room (where you made reindeer food) 
and a movie area in the projection room (playing all of the holiday’s best films).  Daddy’s work also does a very formal party for the adults (it’s always fun to add sparkle to your outfit this time of year).  You and Will slept over your Mimi and Poppy’s so that we could stay out late.  We had the best time dancing into the late hours!

2.     Gram Bubbles came to visit!  She is a part of our Christmas traditions and has been since 1999- we love having her here with us!

3.     We rode the Polar Express Train Ride and then had our Christmas at Mimi’s celebrating a little early with Ryan and Samantha. (Aunt Sammy’s family lives in Ohio so they need to get on the road a bit earlier to make it there for Christmas Eve).  You love all the characters that come through the train car… 
Will doesn’t (he cried and made sure each one left through the door and wasn’t coming back).  

Because Mimi and Poppy’s big gift is our Disney trip, we get three gifts to open each.  Your favorite was the slinky… all of $3!  

The day couldn’t have been more perfect- a delicious dinner and the best company (with the game of Pictionary during appetizers as well as a Steelers win to get the team into the play-offs so Daddy was super-happy!).   

4.     There was another Polar Express at the library that we did for the first time this year.  We listened to the book, made a craft, hopped on the trolley around the block where Santa was waiting for us in the local theatre (and yes Will cried while sitting on the big guy’s lap).

5.     Your school put on its annual Christmas Program.  You sang songs and Santa stopped by.  But the best part was that you got to be Mary in the mini-play… that’s what I was when I was around your age.  You played the part so perfectly- gentle and sweet!  I teared up when I saw you all dressed up.

6.     And of course, Griz  “hung” around the whole month.  There were a few moments of parenting failure regarding him… the first is when I made him zip line on a candy cane down the kitchen lamp wire (from other people’s vantage point though, it looked like Griz committed suicide).  The second is when I hid Griz around the shower nozzle (thinking he would make bath time easier since you cry in the bathtub when we wash our hair).  But when you found him, you were very concerned that Griz would see you naked (because I made him unintentionally to be a Peeping Tom). The third is when we had a few friends over for dinner and I had a couple glasses of wine and couldn’t find Griz the next morning.  You and I were both shocked (after two hours of looking) where he ended up- upside down tied to your closet shelf (I’m still not sure why I chose that place as you rarely go into your closet because you don’t wear dresses!).  And the fourth is when Griz was hanging upside down above your bed from your ceiling fan.  You woke up at midnight scared to death so you slept in our room for the rest of the night!  And a couple of times I tried to be creative with marshmallows (having Griz build a “snowman” or lifting “weights”), our cat would eat and steal them creating a very chaotic Elf scene.  
Griz did have two big hits- he asked you to play Tic-Tac-Toe and when he went fishing.

7.     Christmas Eve is a tradition.  4pm Mass and then back to our house for pizza and the Christmas Vacation movie with Mimi, Poppy, and Gram Bubbles.  It’s always a night filled with anticipation and excitement! 

Of course, Christmas Day was amazing too.  Notice though that the emphasis was never on the presents in our blogs this month.  Yes, you got some incredible gifts but we gave some pretty cool ones too.  But the time we spent preparing, getting excited, spending time with loved ones- that’s what counts!

Never forget that there is always enchantment during Christmas Ellie, no matter your age.

Merry Christmas my Love!

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