Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Final Thoughts Month of November: Blog 4- Letters from Mom & Mimi

Dear Ellie,

Happy Thanksgiving month!  It is important to always be thankful for all you have.

Final Thought: I love that your Mimi included friends on her list last week.  I definitely would agree to that, as I am happiest when my home and heart are filled with people I care for.  In addition to friends, I would also have to add Skype… it allows me to continue my faraway friendship with my dear friend Catherine.  Each month, we set aside a time (which is usually a chaotic scene with our children making most of the noise) and we catch up in a virtual chat.  
She is one of my most special friends despite the fact that we have only seen each other once in person since 1996 when we met through a study abroad program.  Catherine’s life and mine have so many parallels- when we married, difficult pregnancies, growing families, and changing homes.  Technology can be a beautiful thing especially when it facilitates a beautiful friendship.  It’s amazing that you and Will are growing up “together” with Catherine’s children. 

Since your Mimi and I decided we wouldn’t double up on our thankful entries, here are my newest additions: 

Day 22: Signs that Kyle is around me.  I think about him every day but unexpected times are bonuses. 
It makes me smile and feel a sense of peace.  When our friends and family take his bag on their travels and tag me in the pictures, I feel so humbled and grateful that he isn’t forgotten.  
I know his memory is truly living on.   

Day 23: Your relationship with your brother Will.  You are so kind and patient with him (even when he tries to bite you).

Day 24: Naptime.  I get a lot done around the house and get to spend one-on-one time with you when Will goes down for his afternoon snooze!

Day 25: DVR.  Spending an hour or two once in a while catching up on my few beloved shows after you and Will are in bed is bliss.  Ellie, you would agree with this one, as that’s how we let you watch your adored Full House. 

Day 26: The movies.  Your Dad and I don’t get to go as often as we did before having children but we make a concerted effort to go when something big comes to the screen (like Hunger Games this week).  We make it a night out starting with an appetizer or drink at a local restaurant (and we are always tempted to skip the movie and continue talking to each other with no distractions).  Once we get to the movies, we get our own popcorn (I don’t share.  I make sure it’s filled to the brim by smushing it down and handing it back to the server to cram as much popcorn as one bag can serve- Mimi taught me that trick).

Day 27: Griz… our Elf on the Shelf is returning soon.  I am always excited for the first couple of days just as you are (then I stress out about where to hide him or worse- forgetting to hide him at all!).

Day 28: Our Friday routine… Friday Funday with your Mimi and Aunt Sammy (that does include a glass of wine) in the afternoon then pizza (delivered to the door) with Daddy in the evening.  It’s an amazingly celebratory and relaxing way to start the weekend. 

I love you!

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