Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Final Thoughts Month of November: Blog 2- Letters from Mom & Mimi

Dear Ellie,

Happy Thanksgiving month!  It is important to always be thankful for all you have. And your Mimi started this month perfectly.  At the top of my list are my faith, family, and children just as your Mimi stated.  So I will continue with a few new additions.

Final Thought: Always say a bedtime prayer of thanks for something that happened that day (and try not to repeat what you said the day before).  
It’s a way to reflect and focus.  Here is my daily list of what I am thankful for this week:  

Day 8: Liane Moriarty.  She is my current favorite author (as I wait for Kate Morton’s new book to be released).  I love how she writes captivating books about thirty-something women in the midst of their marriages and friendships.

Day 9: Wegmans.  Yes, the grocery store that is actually much more like an event.  They have the best sushi, cheeses, soups, breads, and sandwiches.  I look forward to buying their prepared meats and fishes, their cheapest paper products, and their delicious chocolate cake (it’s the best in town).  I’m not sure Justin would agree with this one as I probably spend too much money there… but seriously, it’s amazing and it makes dinner so much easier (especially Wednesdays when you have gymnastics and we don’t have a lot of time).

Day 10: iPhones.  I’m not technological (your dad would be the first to agree). But there is something to be said about the simplicity of adding photos to social media with a swipe and push of a button.  I LOVED seeing my friends and family share their Halloween pictures and voting day experiences- collective energy makes events stronger.  

Day 11: Lists.  I am a planner.  I like to physically write down my to-dos and cross them off as I finish them. This is especially the case as we plan our vacation down south.  Without a list, I would surely forget the wedding gift, dresses, blankets, phone chargers, and toothbrushes.

Day 12: Family that chooses to stay close, despite distance.  We were blessed with family that values relationships.  Nothing demonstrates that better than our time right now in Florida celebrating Michelle & Devin’s union.

Day 13:  Family dinners.  Ellie, I love that you are old enough to eat your actual meal with your Dad and I (Will sucks on a popsicle in his high chair because he eats much earlier).  We talk about our day with music in the background.  Now as idealistic as this sounds, it lasts for about 6 minutes (that’s how long it takes for Will to either eat his popsicle or get bored of it).  But those few minutes show me glimpses of the future of all of us sitting for longer- building a strong family unit (or if anything catching up in the midst of busy lives).  

Day 14: Dates.  Your Dad and I go out together without you and Will.  We hold hands and have fun outside of our house.  It grounds us, reminds us that our marriage is important. Yes, we usually talk about our children- how smart you are, how crazy Will is (and we giggle about the complexities and silliness that you both bring) but the point remains that we can chat free of interruption and focus solely on each other.  Our latest date was to a noon Penn State hockey game on a Sunday.  We tailgated before (we were the only ones in the parking lot) and laughed as our view was the trash from the football game on the previous day.

***In one of your recent evening prayers, you said that you were thankful for our cousin Taylor (you especially like when she babysits you and Will).  We are so glad she is here in town and I am so appreciative to have her with us while she is at school!

I love you!

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