Thursday, November 20, 2014

Final Thoughts Month of November: Blog 3- Letters from Mom & Mimi

Dear Ellie,

Happy Thanksgiving month!  It is important to always be thankful for all you have.

Final Thought:  In continuing with our list of Thankfuls, I would like to mention that you told me a few while I was typing my list.  Your list of thankfuls were: You are thankful for your dead frog, your cousins, the disguised turkeys that we make on Thanksgiving Day last year and also for your brother Will! 

Now here are mine:

Day 15:  Goo Gone.  I realized just how much I appreciated this stuff the other day when I needed it to get the gum off of the inside of the dryer drum.  And yes, that would be because I have a habit of leaving a stick or two of gum in my pocket!  When you are on your own Ellie and doing a batch of laundry, try to remember to check all pockets as it may save you 20 minutes of unnecessary frustration!

Day 16:  Friends.  They are wonderful people who will add spice to your life Ellie!  I have childhood friends that I still hold dear to my heart as well as new friends that I have just met.  But here is an important note: It is not about the amount of friends you have in your life, but rather the quality of friends.  And if you are lucky enough to have one very special, forever-best friend, then you are truly lucky enough!  And that I have Ellie!
Why just last week my best friend sent me a funny photo of two very old ladies with laughter and mischief in their eyes.  They were sitting under a kitchen table drinking something delicious in their teacups.  On the floor next to them was a box of chocolates and all around them were oodles of books.  Her comment was, “Mickey, I hope this is us some day.”  And you know what Ellie?  I believe it will be! 

Day 17:  Tea.  It is a wonderfully delicious warm beverage that is soothing to the body, mind and soul… Ellie, it always brings me a sense of calmness when drinking it in quiet surroundings as well as when sharing it with another ‘tea totaler’! 

Day 18:  Gram Mundy and her gift of writing.  Ellie, you would have loved your great- great grandmother, and she would have loved you too.  
She was an amazing writer and thankfully her talent can also be found in the generations after her.  Not only do I love writing poetry, and children’s stories, but Ellie, I am so glad your Mommy came up with this wonderful idea to blog as we are having so much fun with it!

Day 19:  The sound of my name as I enter your house.  The excitement in both yours and Will’s voice melts my heart every single time!

Day 20:  Air travel that gets you to your destination without a hitch.  Unfortunately Ellie, our trip home from Michelle and Devin’s Celebration (which took place in Florida) did not run as smoothly as we had hoped.  After arriving at the Tampa airport, we were notified that our connecting flight was canceled and then rescheduled 22 hours later. That was not an option we could take as the adults all had to report to work the next day.  So after landing in Philadelphia, we shuttled over to the Enterprise car rental company where we picked up a mini-van and drove 3 ½ hours in the pouring rain to our final destination.  HOME!  You might be thinking, “So what is the big deal about that?”  And I will tell you in one word. WILL!  His calmness in a car seat ran out after the first 10 minutes!

Day 21:  Patience.  I am very thankful to God for bestowing this one onto me for it comes in handy more often than not.   And I have also noticed Ellie that your patience is gaining some ground too now that you are just shy of 5 years old.  Why you have almost (and the emphasis should be on the word almost) gotten through a complete round of a board game before getting bored!  I am confident that on March 22nd when you are ‘officially’ 5, we will not only be playing complete but also multiple rounds of all kinds of fun games!

El, every day there are dozens upon dozens of ‘thankfuls’ present in our lives. Word of Wisdom:  To know them and acknowledge them will bring extra love to your heart.

I love you my favorite little traveler!


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