Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Final Thoughts Month of July: Blog 1- Letters from Mom & Mimi

Good Morning Ellie!

With July 4th pretty much upon us, I thought it would be fun to write about ‘celebrations.’  The only thing though is that I cannot write about the ‘fests’ events yet, as they did not happen.  So I am opting to write about a play date that you and I had a week ago with the celebration being a Wedding!

Final Thought:  Since celebrations are important events where people are engaging in fun and enjoyable social activities, I realized that pretty much every moment I spend with you is a celebration as our time together is always important to me!

Ellie, sometimes you are just tooooooo funny!  The other day when you walked into my house wearing your pink knit dress, hot pink knee socks and red high heels, my first thought was “hmmmmmm, I wonder what Little Miss Ellie has in store for us to play tonight?”  And sure enough, your idea unfolded quite quickly.  You said, “Hey Mim’s… how about we play wedding?”  “Ok,” I responded.  “So how should we do it?”  With a big smile you said, “First we have to put on wedding dresses.  Follow me!”   So off we went in search of wedding attire.  You found a pretty white dress in your dress up box and I found a boxy, hippiesh white dress in my closet.  You insisted on wearing your red shoes, less the socks thank goodness, so I took out a pair of red high heels too.  For our headpieces you decide it best that we each wear a tiara.  Unfortunately I was not allowed to pick my own which gave you first dibs on the pink sparkly one leaving me with the diamond one.  Drats!  Make-up was next… unlike every other time you plastered on the eye shadow, blush and lipstick, this time you decided to keep it light!  Lastly came the gloves.  You opted for a beautiful aqua winter set, and I went with the more traditional lace.  Once we were finished donning our wedding attire we needed to figure out who was going to be married and who was going to be the flower girl.  Again, I had no choice in say as you were in charge.  You made the executive decision that I would be the bride and was going to marry ‘Justin’ and you would be the flower girl.  One small issue arose and that was that I did not have any loose flower pedals for you to throw as you walked down the aisle (I mean hallway).  Silly me.  I should have known that you would have an immediate answer to this tiny glitch too.  Running back into the living room and over to your play kitchen, you scooped up one of the baskets and filled it with plastic vegetables, fruit, and eggs!  Yes!  Now we were ready to begin the ceremony.  

Starting off in the bedroom, you preceded down the ‘aisle’ first, tossing the pretend food to either side.  As they kerplunked on the floor I gave you a questionable look of which you responded with a shrug of the shoulders and a “That’s what flower girls do!”   Your answer was good enough for me El, so I started humming Hear Comes the Bride and down the hall we glided.  Once we got to the alter (aka… rocking chair footstool) I married Justin and you clapped.  Then you told me that next we had to go to the party.  So we cleared a large area in the living room and together we danced to the YMCA and the Chicken Dance (just so you know there was no actual music so both songs had to be sung/hummed and sporadically worded by me!).  Ellie, you are such a sweet girl as you didn’t seem to mind that my voice was pretty much off-key and that I really had no idea what the actual songs words were!)  And I didn’t mind that your dancing was done with two left feet either!  We were having a blast!  Knowing that it was getting late (I snuck a peak at the clock which read 8:30 pm) I suggested that we advance to the dining room for the wedding banquet feast.  You readily agreed as you worked up an appetite from all that exercise.  Trying to keep it on the lighter side, the dinner consisted of delicious powdered wedding doughnuts and tea!  Ahhhhhhh……. Since our bellies were now satisfied and full, I thought the wedding was officially complete.  Nope.  Again, silly me.  I should know better by now Ellie, it was time to reverse the roles.  Now it was your turn to be the bride and my turn to be the flower girl!  I am not sure El if that was your way of avoiding bedtime or if it was just a fun, fun time for you, but either way it worked… bedtime came much later!

The wedding celebration you created that evening was such a fun idea Ellie, so much so that we played it again the next day.  And I think it made me realize that from the moment you were born, everyday in the life of Ellie Russell Callahan is a joyous celebration!  I sure do hope you enjoy this memory in future years!

I love you my little firecracker!


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