Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Final Thoughts Month of July: Blog 2- Letters from Mom & Mimi

Dear Ellie,

I have to share just a glimpse of an afternoon with you as a 4 year old. 

Final Thoughts: There is always humor in our day.

You were invited to your friend’s birthday party so off we went to find her a present.  Here’s how our shopping excursion looked in sequential order:

1.     While driving to the store, you told me “We should get her a dog toy.”  I asked why should we get her a dog toy especially if she doesn’t have a dog.  You giggled and replied, “Oops I meant a toy dog.”  Those kinds of word inversions do make the statement completely different!
2.     As soon as we arrived at Home Goods, you suggested “How about this?” referencing the display of soap dishes and dispensers (granted they were beautiful with mosaic designs).  “Or how about these?” you said as we passed the birdhouse table (which actually was a cool idea, except your friend and their family are waiting for their house to be built so they are in a temporary spot).  I think your goal was to conquer and leave as fast as you could!
3.     “This looks cool.  I think it’s a pooper scooper,” you mentioned aloud as you passed mechanical arms in the toy department.  I didn’t correct you, as I didn’t think this little girl would particularly like the toy however you use it.
4.     “This is perfect,” you said as you were clearly nearing the end of your patience.  It was a Little Tykes family set that said for ages 1-5 and I pointed that out.  You responded, “Well, it says for 5 year olds and she is going to turn 5 on her birthday so we should just hurry and get it.”  I told you that I thought she would quickly outgrow it as you discarded it grumpily. 
5.     Then you found the rocking chairs for girls- one in polka dot pink and the other leopard print (each were over $100).  “This is definitely what we should get her!” you exclaimed as you were lounging in a zebra patterned one.  I agree, your friend would love it but it was way out of our price range.
6.     Then you got distracted with the pet department across the aisle.  You found a plush stuffed dachshund toy that squeaked when you hugged it.  Again, I heard you say, “This is it!”
7.     You got reigned back in on the toy side when you saw a diary with an LED light (the idea was that you wrote down your feelings in invisible ink until the black light was shown over it revealing the secrets).  Although it was another pretty neat thought, the journal was more for a six or seven year old and I wasn’t sure if your friend was writing full sentences about her daily routines yet.

Despite the thread of a dog gift throughout our errand, we found a princess book themed present instead.

And Ellie, I was so proud of you- you didn’t ask for one thing while we were in the store proving just how grown up you are becoming.  As a final stop, we ran into Petco for cat food and you happily looked around the store (as it’s the closest thing we have to a zoo).    

I hope your friend likes her gift just as much as I loved shopping with you for it!

Love you Ellie, Mom

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