Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Final Thoughts Month of July: Blog 4- Letters from Mom & Mimi

Dear Ellie,

We just had a really wonderful weekend with your Mimi.

Final Thought: You are never too old to have a sleepover!

Because your Daddy went to Pittsburgh for a concert, you, your Mimi, and I all slept in Mim’s king-sized bed last Saturday (poor Poppy slept in my old room, even though he was taking a 26 mile bike ride the next morning and Will was in Uncle Ryan’s old room).  We turned out the lights (which made you panic because you didn’t have your stuff so once we got your situated with Ellie Bear, your polka dot blankie, and your Santa blanket, we were set for some fun) and played 20 Questions.

It went like this:

Me: I’m going first.  It’s a person.
Mimi: Is it an animal?
Me: No.
Ellie:  Is it a small cat that someone rides on?
Me: ???NO????

Mimi: Is it a food?
Me: No.
Ellie: Is it a carrot?
Me: No????

Mimi: Is it a person?
Me: Yes.
Mimi: Is it a girl?
Me: Yes.
Ellie: Is she wearing a hat?
Me: Not currently I don’t think.  Wait; remember this isn’t exactly like the game Guess Who (it’s just similar).  But this person does sometimes wear a hat.
Mimi: Is she 4 years old?
Me: No.
Ellie: Is it me?
Me: You’re 4 so no it can’t be you.
Ellie: Is she 3 years old?
Me: No.
Mimi: Does she go to Ellie’s school?
Me: No.
Ellie: Is it my preschool teacher, Mrs. Lower?
Me: No????

And this round ensued far past 20 questions.  I didn’t think my person, Grandma Bubbles, would have been that hard!  The first round of our game took so long that we didn’t have time to play more than 2 more before prayers. 

You suggested for prayer time that we each say our own prayer aloud.  I went first and chose the Hail Mary.  For your turn, you went a different route and said the most beautiful prayer I have ever heard.  You started singing and your words were “Thank you for” as you sang about our day.  Truly touching El!

And through it all, you managed to lose your “stuff” again and again (so the lights went on so you could find Ellie Bear, Blankie, and Santa blanket and get them all snuggled in their place). 

When we did finally manage to close our eyes, it wasn’t a restful evening by any stretch of the means.  Because you were in the middle, you kicked Mimi and I repeatedly as you spun around in your sleep!

You are one of kind Ellie and it was the best night.
I love you!


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