Thursday, June 26, 2014

Final Thoughts Month of June: Blog 4- Letters from Mom & Mimi

Dear Ellie,

Final Thoughts: In all of my years of education, I have found that the smartest students were the most curious.  Always ask questions.  Never take, “Just because,” as an answer.

Some of your most recent questions:

1.     Why does it thunder?
2.     Why do we go to the bathroom?
3.     Why do I have a skeleton?
4.     How do we get cavities?
5.     How is paper made?
6.     How does it rain?
7.     Why can we see the moon in the daytime?
8.     How do worms die in our driveway?
9.     Do worms have mouths?
10. How do toilets work?
11. Why is the frog’s foot ripping (as you referred to its webbed foot)?

Now, I knew the answer to none of those awesome questions above so off to YouTube we went.

However there were other questions that YouTube couldn’t help me with and I had to stumble through and give my own responses:

1.     What is the difference between terrible and horrible?  “I think they mean the same thing and I use them in the same way.  That’s called a synonym.”
2.     What is a soul?  “It’s what gives your body life spiritually.  It’s invisible and I imagine that it is near your heart.  Your soul is kind, compassionate, and good.  This is what travels up to heaven when you die leaving your body here on earth.”
3.     What does heaven look like? “Everything you love so I would bet it is rainbow colored with books, fudge, relatives, and friends.”
4.     Why are people underneath those rocks (as we drove by a cemetery)?  “That’s the bodies of the people who died and whose souls are now in heaven.”
5.     Why did Kyle die? “He was too sick and too broken to fix.”
6.     How did he get to heaven?  “We told him it was ok to go.  The worst thing in the entire world is for a parent to see their child hurting.” 
7.     Who’s the boss on Who’s the Boss?  “Sometimes Tony, sometimes Angela, and sometimes the children… depends on the episode.”
8.     Why did they name a show called Full House?  “Have you seen how many people live in that house???”
9.     What are videos?  “Ugh… old-fashioned DVD’s.”
10. Where do babies come from?  “Lots and lot of love!”

Love you my inquisitive girl,


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