Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Final Thoughts Month of July: Blog 3- Letters from Mom & Mimi

Hi Ellie!

Like always, I have another memory for you.  The Central Pennsylvania Arts Festival and The People’s Choice Festival were held here in town this past weekend, and of course our favorite day to spend there is the very first day… Children’s Day!  Let me tell you about it…

Final Thought: Make sure to support your community’s events at all ages, as they will give you enjoyment, inspiration, knowledge and an opportunity to meet new friends as well as connecting with old.

Well Ellie, thanks to your Mom (who is always on time) and Will (who bypassed his nap), we arrived at the Fest shortly after it opened and had no problem getting a parking space.  Just to give you an idea at how crazy town gets… over 100,000 people attend this five-day event yearly.  Our goal was to try and beat a good portion of the crowd… but it looked like that was everyone else’s goal too.  So before browsing the young artists booths we stopped at Starbuck’s for Gram Russell to get a coffee.  And because she loves you and Will so much she bought you each a cake-pop… chocolate I might add and you gobbled it up quite quickly.   The reason I am telling you this is because the day was already quite warm as you devoured this wonderful treat and my guess is that you wiped your ooey, gooey chocolaty fingers on your backside.  How did I know this?  I didn’t, at least not for a good portion of the morning.  My confusion stemmed from the chocolate that was smeared all over the front of my shorts after we had walked a few blocks.  Then a half hour later chocolate was smeared all over my shirt.  And yes, a short while after that chocolate was smeared all down the length of my arm.  Completely perplexed and half crazy I said to your mom, “Where in heavens name is all this chocolate coming from?  I am going to have to go home and take a bath!  No one is eating it and Ellie’s hands are clean!”  Thankfully your Mommy was standing behind you because she quickly scanned your body and started to giggle.  “Ah, check the back of Ellie’s legs.  I think that is why her hands are clean.  Every time you pick her up, you are wearing it too!”  Yep El…. The two of us looked like we were dipped in a chocolate vat!  Thankfully we had Will’s Wipey-Dipes as there was no time to waste with the kids art booths coming up.  And there were quite a few dozen to check out. 

Ellie, each booth hosted oodles of homemade merchandise from bracelets to necklaces to doll clothes to pet rocks to scented goat soap to door signs and so much more.  We all expected that you would want one of each item you saw, but you surprised us and passed each booth with a “No thank you.  I don’t want that” (except for the NO BOYS ALLOWED IN sign, that was a must!).  But then we came to the very last booth where your eyes lit up like sparklers because this specific booth was selling (of all things) bow and arrows with pom-poms.  “That’s what I want!  Can I have one please?”  You asked politely and excitedly.  And Gigi was sweet enough to buy it for you!  Funny thing though… even with practice you could not grasp the concept of how to get that bow to fly through the air!  

Not to worry El… since we were grabbing a Panera lunch-to-go so that we could picnic up on the PSU lawn where lots of activities were happening, I was able to work the bow and arrow over and over again from the blanket and you were quite happy just chasing the arrows to wherever they fell! 

While up on the lawn, we were also able to visit the real life Cat In The Hat, and the Shaver’s Creek tent where you saw a live owl only an arms length away.  You also saw a turtle and what you stated as your favorite animal… a Ratsnake!  Eeeeeewwwwww!  Ellie, I am not sure if you were really serious about that or if you were trying to shock me into making a creeped-out face… but if you were going for the latter, then you succeeded!  Actually I was most amazed at how much factual information you retained on these animals… you truly have a love of all creatures… from pets, to wildlife, to bugs, to farm animals! 

Speaking of which, the following day you, your Mom, Gigi, Will and I headed over to the People’s Choice Festival.  

After visiting a few art booths there, we gave in and let it be pretty much your day (again!)  

That means Ellie we headed over to the train ride, which produced a whistle that cost a dollar. Let me just say that after a couple dozen whistle blows it suddenly disappeared.  Your Mommy said, “Hmmm… it must have gotten conveniently lost!”  (Thank heaven for Mommys!)  We also moseyed on over to the pony rides and petting zoo.  First you rode Snowy; the littlest horse that was there last year, and then you got brave and rode Honey, which looked 3 times Snowy’s size!  

After that we took you and Will into the petting zoo which you were quite at home in, but Will almost lost his mind!  

He was sooooo scared Ellie that I think he would have crawled on top of your Mommy’s head to get as far away from the baby goats and cow as he could!  Talk about sibling personalities being completely opposite!  So Gigi and I took Will back to the big white tent where they were playing music and he was much happier slapping the tables to the beat of each song, and your mommy took you to make a tie-dye T-shirt and also hit the double/sliding board Bounce House! 

Oh Ellie, what a fun, fun time visiting both festivals was! 

Like I said in the beginning: our support brings life into some very interesting community events.  They can be entertaining, a learning tool and a once in a life time experience!  Embrace them Ellie … they add to your roots!

Love you El-bean!


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