Thursday, February 19, 2015

Final Thoughts Month of February: Blog 3- Letters from Mom & Mimi

Dear Ellie…

Final Thought:  I love you.

Five years ago you made your grand entrance into this world.  On that day Ellie when you were only hours old, I held you in my arms and my very first thought was, “I love you.”  
I remember whispering those three words into your ear as I studied every tiny and perfect feature on your beautiful, angelic being.  Today, I end my last public blog entry with that same beginning thought, “I love you Ellie.”  From the moment I laid eyes on you through all the tomorrows, “I shall always love you.”

And you know how I am all about ‘memories.  Well, I want to leave you with one that you, my sweet grand daughter, created for my keepsake.  It is a memory that I will keep safely tucked within my heart for always.  This memory is one that I can and will draw upon as needed.  I already know it will bring me a perpetual smile!

Here it is:  Last Sunday at church during Father Neil’s sermon on Compassion and Suffering, my eyes kept misting up.  I can tell you now Ellie that your older brother Kyle has been on my mind as we are in the midst of honoring yet another anniversary of his beautifully blessed but too short life.  So while listening to Father Neil I could also see out of the corner of my eye that you were quite busy trying to make a pillow for Violet (your talking purple stuffed dog) with my coat scarf.  And then for no reason, you just stopped what you were doing and crawled up onto my lap.  First you kissed me and then turned around facing forward towards the pulpit.  Seconds passed when you tilted your head back, looked up towards my eyes and whispered, “I love you Mimi” and quietly returned you gaze back to the priest.   Two minutes later you were off my lap removing Violet’s diaper and wrapping it around your own arm creating a one-of-a-kind cast! (Your attention span is still somewhat short!)  But in the moments before that Ellie, it was as though you had a ‘sixth sense’ to my feelings… specifically the one I was trying to keep hidden.  You never seize to amaze me little one.  You are like an ‘old soul’.  And a loving one at that.

To God I am thankful for so many things El, especially for blessing me with three beautiful grandchildren who have captured my heart completely and for those grandchildren that are still yet to come. To God I am also thankful for his guidance in helping me pen my thoughts for sharing through Teacup Talk With Ellie.  It is because of yours and my special bond that I have been able to write our stories El.  And prayerfully they shall continue… maybe not as consistently, but for as long as I am able to write.  For there are many memories still yet to come...

I Heart You Always!


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