Thursday, February 26, 2015

Final Blog...

Dear Ellie,

This is it… our last blog.  It is with a mix of emotions that your Mimi and I sign off.  Probably the strongest feeling right now is relief.  My resolution this year was to slow down.  
Although this blog is one of my proudest accomplishments (4 years with weekly letters), I have also felt a huge time commitment and stress over it (which isn’t fair to you and Will anymore). 

Case in point, as I am currently typing, your Dad just started playing that song from that 80s television show Doogie Houser, MD (the one where he journals).  I think it’s time I shut down the blog so that I can spend more time talking with him after you and Will go to bed.  
Or maybe I will take some time for myself.  Perhaps now, I will get back to my old rhythm of reading books faster.

Final Thought: Know when to leave the party. 

Ellie, you always want your viewers to want more.  Don’t wait until you’ve lost everyone in your audience.  Think of your beloved show Full House that should have ended at least two seasons before it did.  Then think of my beloved show Friends when I cried during the finale, heartbroken that it was over. 

Or on a more serious note, think of how poignant your brother’s life was (especially noting that this is during his 11 day anniversary).  
The timing of his exit, despite it being against my plans and wishes, made the impact of his entrance that much more significant.   

You turning five next month starts a new chapter in your life.  One in which I need to respect your privacy (still writing down your memorable moments only now it will be in your school scrapbook).  When I think back to my own childhood, five is the age when I really started to have concrete memories.  So in effect, the blog isn’t necessary to chronicle your development anymore because you’re old enough now to have that knowledge. 

And your Mimi and I have been feeling some guilt.  You’re not her only grandchild and you’re not my only child.  
It’s not fair that this blog is only for you.  Although I do hope you share some of our letters with your brother and any future cousins as you see fit.  And I hope that you will pass our words down to your posterity so that when we die, our wishes and dreams will live on. 

And don’t be surprised if your Mimi and I have envelopes full of letters throughout the years stuffed into your blog binders.  I’m sure we won’t be able to give up writing to you completely.  After all, writing these entries to you are often so therapeutic for us!   

And so my angel girl, my little love, I close our blog.  Just like we told Kyle, we don’t say good-bye in this family… only see you soon. 
We love you more than words could ever express.
Mom & Mimi

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