Saturday, December 1, 2012

Creative Month of November: Blog 5- Letters from Mom & Mimi

Dear Ellie,

I wrote you this acrostic poem in honor of Thanksgiving…

Traditions of families coming together on a special day to create lasting memories.
Harvested crops providing ample food throughout the season.
Autumn’s final days.
November Holiday always celebrated on the fourth Thursday.
Kickback and relax as it is a day for parades, football and family games.
Sharing time with those we love.
Goat’s horn consisting of flowers, fruit and corn.  Also known as the Cornucopia; a symbol of Plenty.
Indians (Wampanoag Tribe), Pilgrims and Puritans shared the first Thanksgiving feast in 1621.
Vine-ripened pumpkins displayed in all their orange glory at roadside stands, on front doorsteps, and in delicious pies served with a dollop of whipped cream.
Indulging in a fine turkey feast with all its trimmings.
New World: America.
Giving prayers of Thanks for the abundance of Unconditional Love, Time, Faith, Beauty, Opportunities, Experiences, Forgiveness, and Eternal Hope that God has provided for us all.

With love,

PS… Ellie, we are so thankful for a wonderful family vacation.  To see the magic of Disney through your eyes is so very precious and priceless to your Poppy and me, your Uncle Ryan and Aunt Sammy, your Gigi and Pop, as well as your Mommy and Daddy.  

Your favorite ride was the People Mover in the Magic Kingdom, which was not really a ride at all but a relaxing way to see the surroundings of Tomorrow Land.  

You must have gotten on it six times in the first two days! (You called it the Moon Ride… and I think that is because on another ride right next to it there were big green saucer lights.)  As much as you loved meeting all the Disney characters last year, this year you were even more enthralled with having your picture taken with all the princesses.  

You were excited and patient to ride on the attractions for the most part (and your once favorite carousel was forgotten as you found much cooler rides!).  The new and improved Flying Dumbo had a circus tent filled with many gym type activities for you to play on.  

Instead of a waiting in a long line we were given a ‘beeper’ to hold until the ride became available.  You thought that was the greatest.  You watched the parade and fireworks every night on Poppy’s shoulders.  

And you thought the Country Bear Jamboree was “delarious!” (Aka hilarious)… particularly the big bear at the end of the show that messes up the song).  Ellie, among the many new attractions this year at the Magic Kingdom, the new dance club in Tomorrow Land was a hit (and we spent many hours there).  Goofy, Pluto, Stitch, and the Chipmunks would sing on stage and eventually worked their way into the crowd where you would dance with them.

Every time you wore your purple princess dress you kept saying, “I’m a pencil!”  And after a couple of days I finally figured out that you were saying, “I’m Rapunzel!”  Speaking of which (and note to your Mom for next year), you only need to pack two princess dresses instead of a suitcase full of outfits, as that’s all you wore the entire week.  I liked that you were old enough to sit through many shows this year too.  You really enjoyed Beauty and the Beast at Hollywood Studios but the Beast scared you.  Being the bright little princess that you are though… you quickly talked yourself out of it with some very logical reasoning, and the more you said it out loud the more you believed it!  Your thought process went something like this, “The Beast is not very nice.  He’s scary.  But then he changed.  Now he’s nice.”  Your body expressions were the best El when you explained his transformation.  When he was scary, your facial expression was that of concern.  When he changed, you used your shoulders and hands to articulate the change and when the Beast turned nice your explanation ended with a huge Cinderella smile!  All of which seemed to put your mind at rest as you talked about it most of the trip!).  You know me Ellie, I love Disney and all of its magic, I love family and the happy memories we continue to create and share, and I love you with all my heart and soul!  So to sum up this week Ellie…. a vacation at Cinderella’s castle and you my pretty little princess at its center made it picture perfect!

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