Thursday, December 13, 2012

Creative Month of December: Blog 2- Letters from Mom & Mimi

Dear Ellie Bean,

It’s been a fun week, starting with a night out at the move theater to see Wreck It Ralph… you LOVED it as much as your Dad and I.  You totally understood the humor (especially the part when a character makes fun of a video game called Hero’s Duty, playing on the words Doodee of a Hero.  You not only comprehended the line but you continued to say “Doodee” over and over again, laughing hysterically and telling everyone about the silly quip).  Then on Saturday, we went to the Elves Gift Shop run by the Junior Women’s Club that your Aunt Samantha is involved in.  You picked out gifts for the family and met Santa and Ike the Spike (the deer mascot for the local minor leaque baseball team)… what a wonderful way to begin to learn the holiday season is about giving.  

On Tuesday, your Dad’s company hosted a children’s holiday complete with pizza, crafts, and a visit from Santa himself!
We’ve had play dates with new friends, trips to the park with Poppy, and made many batches of cookies.  I love this time of year.

This is also a great time to describe your personality these days… aside from being incredibly comical and happy (given the holiday season and the fact that we are home), you are remarkably smart and manipulative.  For instance, when we were driving the other day, you casually told me that your Poppy is going to take you on a real horse (that you will ride by yourself) and let you be a “cowgirl.”  So I called my Dad as this seemed like a crazy promise (and found it odd he didn’t discuss it with me first) to find out that you and him never had that conversation… yet, I guarantee you will be riding a horse in the near future, as your Poppy would give you the moon if you asked!  And then yesterday, when your Mimi stopped for tea and you had already reached your homemade cookie allotment for the day, you waited until I left the room and pulled my Mom into the kitchen insisting she try one of the cookies you made.  And when she pulled the bag off of the high counter, guess who dug in first?!  You make me laugh Elle!                         

Your Mimi and I are continuing our month of color simile poems.   For each week of December we have chosen different colors that represent Christmas to write our poems about (so we will each do 2).  The colors should give feelings to the holiday images we are comparing them too.  Your Mimi has done a couple in the past and they are some of my favorites as I can feel the colors- the imagery is lasting.  And I hope that’s what these are for you Ellie.  And so your Mimi will continue on this second week with green…

Christmas Green

Green as a freshly cut Evergreen standing stoically and waiting to be chosen by just the right family to become their Christmas tree.

Green as the shiny emerald ribbon that is bound around a Christmas wrapped package whose beginning and end can be found underneath a matching emerald green looped bow.

Green as the crisp dollar bills which quickly fill church baskets everywhere on Christmas morning.

Green as the finely decorated Christmas wreaths adorning many front doors throughout the neighborhood.

Green as the sugar coated mint gumdrops that fill Christmas candy dishes along with other holiday sweets.

Green as the ever-loving Grinch who finds that the true meaning of Christmas is not found in what one can hold in their hands but rather what they hold in their hearts.  Love...

Merry Christmas 2 weeks early Ellie-bean!
Love Mimi

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