Friday, December 7, 2012

Creative Month of December: Blog 1- Letters from Mom & Mimi

Dear Ellie,

Happy Anniversary to your Mimi and Poppy Ellie (5 days later)… Ellie, you got to celebrate with them early as we asked them to babysit you over night at their house this past Saturday (Joanne was visiting too so it was a great slumber party!).  You still are talking about how much fun you had- playing pretend, reading books, making art projects, snacking on ice cream, staying up late, and having the best time.

You also had an old friend visit… Griz… our Elf on the Shelf!  And we thought you loved him last year (gosh, I can still hear you last December arguing with me that he was a MOUSE and then seeing my frustration you would get a fit of the giggles!)!  But this year, you understand the concept and you are trying really hard not to touch him (as you desperately want to hug him but you know his magic will wear off!).  He is getting very creative with his hiding places that I wonder if he is going to run out of places before Christmas! 

This month your Mimi and I are going to try our hands at color simile poems.  For each of these next four weeks, we will choose different colors that represent Christmas to write our poems on (so we will each do 2).  The colors should give feelings to the holiday images we are comparing them too.  Your Mimi has done a couple in the past and they are some of my favorites as I can feel the colors- the imagery is lasting.  And I hope that’s what these are for you Ellie.  And so I will begin with RED (I’m so glad that we are limited to Christmas for the topic as red has never been a favorite of mine because I associate it with anger… maybe as this forces me to think outside of the box, I will reconsider my bias).

Christmas Red

Red as the velvety floppy cone hat on Santa’s head.

Red as the many bright bulbs twinkling on strings of colored lights framing my house.

Red as a peppermint stripe on a stick of sweet sticky candy.

Red as the painted round-mirrored ornaments hanging on the Christmas tree reflecting the holiday glow. 

Red as the plants adorning my house- mistletoe berries beckoning kisses below and poinsettia plants welcoming visitors inside.

Red as a crisp, sweet, and warm cup of hot apple cider on a cold evening.

Red as the flush of Ellie’s cheeks as she pressed up against the cool window to see if she could spot a sled and eight reindeer flying across the winter sky on Christmas Eve.

We love you Ellie!
Mom & Mimi

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