Thursday, March 13, 2014

Final Thoughts Month of March: Blog 2- Letters from Mom & Mimi

Hi Ellie-bean!

So I had to think a bit as to how I wanted to start out this year’s blog as your Mom termed it ‘final thoughts’.  It is amazing to me El that you are already turning 4 years of age!  How did those 1st four years pass by so quickly?  It seems like only yesterday when you were 3 days old and I was trying to help your Mommy comfort you at 3:00 am.  You were crying and gassy, crying and cranky, and still crying as well as just being plain ornery!  But oh how we fell in love with that original and ‘who in heavens name does she take after’ personality!  And then it hit me… my blog for this year should begin with a Then and Now comparison story of you, your Mommy and myself.   By beginning with this thought, I can also add to it each week if I so choose or possibly in the middle of the year, and if we really do end our blog in 2015 it would be a perfect way to finish our last entry.  But that is a big ‘IF’… because like your Mommy stated, “we have a love, hate relationship with this writing assignment,” and a part of me would be sad to see it actually end (thankfully we don’t have to deal with that for another 12 months!).
So here goes Ellie: 

Final Thoughts: Then and Now

1961 – Mimi:  (Shopping with a Grandparent.)  It just didn’t happen.  I was never invited along.   Now that could be because my grandmother did not drive, so my mother or father would take her shopping.  When I asked Gram Bubbles what she did with Aunt Sheri and me during those bi-weekly excursions, her answer was, “I guess your father watched you girls because I never took you!  In fact, you never saw the inside of a store not unless you were getting fitted for shoes!”

1984 – Mommy:  (Shopping with a Grandparent.)  When I asked your Mommy what she remembered about grocery shopping with Gram Russell (Gram Bubbles lived 4 states away, so those type of outings did not take place with her), your Mom said she didn’t recall ever going with Gram.  And that was because Gram Russell was a cashier for the Shop-N-Bag grocery store and would shop right after her shift was done.  Your Mommy does remember though that Gram Russell always brought home plenty of the colorful barrel bottle drinks (Hugs) to hand out whenever asked as well as some kind of yummy snack!

2014 – Ellie:  (Shopping with a Grandparent.)  That is something we do quite often Ellie and yes, it is always an experience as well as a really fun time.  Here is an example.  Last week I needed to pick up a few items at the grocery store after church.  Of course you conned your way into letting me take you along and convincing your Mommy to pick you up at my house later in the afternoon.  Ellie, normally I let you get something from the 25-cent prize machines (which are located near the entrance/exit doors) when we are finished our shopping excursion, but this specific time I caved to your pleading and allowed you to choose 1 machine prize on our way in.  Well… instead of choosing your favorite gumball, you chose a machine that spit out a plastic container holding a 1-inch gummy-like substance in the shape of a miniature hand on a 2-inch long rubbery arm.  As an adult Ellie, I had no idea just how entertaining that thing was going to be for the next hour!  As I walked up and down the aisles filling our cart, you were flinging that thing from side to side lassoing everything and anything that it would stick too.  And by everything and anything I mean vegetable cans, fruit, milk cartons, pasta boxes, other people’s carts and my hair!   I think we laughed and giggled our way through the store El.  By the time we hit the bakery aisle you hurled that gummy hand pretty forcefully where it landed in-between two loaves of bread.  Sadly, when you tried to retrieve it the rubbery arm snapped back without the hand, which led to more giggles and a search for a trashcan!   Of course this comical event had me completely distracted to the point that I forgot to get half of what was on my grocery list! But no matter, you were a very happy shopper as you also got your 25-cent blue gumball on the way out of the store!  I on the other hand had to return the next day to finish my list… solo! 

Ellie, shopping trips of any kind are never boring when you are present!  I hope as you grow up, you always remember these outings and the special bond we have because someday they will become a “Then” memory for you!

Love you Ellie-spaghetti!


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