Thursday, September 26, 2013

Life Lessons Month of September: Blog 4- Letters from Mom & Mimi

Dear Big Sister,

Tomorrow marks a special day in our family…

Life Lessons Learned #30: A mother’s heart is limitless and unconditional.

Your brother is being born tomorrow morning!  You are just as excited as your Dad and I and I am so happy that you don’t feel threatened or jealous.  Know that you have a special place in our family and in my heart.  You were the one who brought light into my life after Kyle, the one who makes me smile everyday, and the one who keeps me on my toes each minute.  You are going to be such a good big sister for this baby! 

After Kyle was born, I was just about sure my heart couldn’t feel any more love and affection (your Dad agreed, he told me after Kyle died that he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to love another as much as Kyle but you my Dear Girl taught us both that love is unbounded and vast if you have an open heart and mind).  And now your new brother is reinforcing that point… Love really is infinite.

Our family unit is complete now.  You and I have something in common, we both now have younger siblings!  I adore having a ‘little’ brother.  Yes, I bossed Uncle Ryan around relentlessly when we were kids but the bond we share is like no other.  And that’s what I want you to have with your brother… despite your three and half-year age gap.  I hope you support him, be patient with him, care for him and love him.  I am sure you will make him your student in your classroom, dress him up in your princess clothes, and make him sit through your restaurant games.  But I envision him idolizing you, my Dear Girl.  Yes, I know you will fight and argue as that is part of the territory (I have the bite mark scars on my arm from your Uncle Ryan to prove it) but accept your brother as someone who will be with you for life.

In these next few weeks as we adjust to our new life as a family of 4 (not to forget our angel Kyle watching us grow from above), be tolerant Ellie, as growing pains are often part of the process.  My love for you will change just as it always has (I love you deeper as each day passes.  Even though I continue to think it’s not possible to love you anymore than I already do, I am continually proven wrong).  You are my world Ellie- never forget that (I won’t let you).

Love you my Sweet Girl,

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