Thursday, August 7, 2014

Final Thoughts Month of August: Blog 2- Letters from Mom & Mimi

Dear Ellie,

I always feel wistful in August because I know that summer is quietly fading away.  

When you look back as an adult, I want you to think fondly of the summer when you were 4.  I created a list of what I thought would generate the most memories for you.

Final Thoughts: I hope the following words make you reminisce about the warm months of 2014 (when you practically lived outside and the only care in the world was wearing comfortable clothes to get dirty in).

While playing at home, this is our top ten list of how we kept busy:

1.     Sidewalk Chalk
2.     Bubbles
3.     Wading pool
4.     Slip-n-Slide

5.     Neighborhood Ice Cream Truck (that came on Monday nights)
6.     Big Kid Bike with Training Wheels

7.     Neighborhood Kids
8.     Popsicles
9.     BBQ’s
10. Frog Family (in the window well)

And the memories we made outside of our house were just as fun and priceless:

1.     Daddy’s Baseball Games
2.     Spikes Games and Fireworks

3.     Philly Family Weekend in State College

4.     Pittsburgh Trip
5.     Grandparents' Visits

6.     Days with Mimi

7.     Green Bay Trip (and being a flower girl in your cousin's wedding)

8.     Welch pool

9.     Reptiland

10. Vacation Bible School
11. Parks and Sandboxes
12. The Arboretum (and the new children’s section)
13. Arts Fest and People’s Choice

14. Ice Cream Stores (Sweet Frog, Meyers, the Creamery)

15. Winery Walks

Aside from our plane tickets to Green Bay, nothing on either list cost a whole lot of money proving yet again, that we create our happiness and entertainment with what we have available (and our time is always more enjoyable with the company of our family and friends).

I love you Ellie and I’m anxious to see what fall will bring.

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