Thursday, February 6, 2014

Life Lessons Month of February: Blog 1- Letters from Mom & Mimi

Hi Ellie,

So your Mimi and Poppy have given your Dad and I several opportunities to have date nights.

Life Lessoned Learned #50: Always value your relationship with your spouse.  Regularly set aside time for just the 2 of you to connect.

That being said, I should warn your Mimi and Poppy of your latest antics.

“Careful is my middle name.” so says the world’s cutest and clumsiest almost-four-year-old (as you dance with your two left feet, jump on my bed, trip over large pieces of furniture, fall off the dining room chair, and hit your head on the bathroom counter)

At bedtime, your latest excuses are:

·      “My monkey’s tail is in a knot.” (which you tied, the poor stuffed animal)

·      “My thumb hurts, I need a Band-Aid.” (so I put one on your invisible booboo).  Then, half an hour later you called me up because you realized much later that I put the Band-Aid on the wrong thumb.

·      “I’m afraid of the dark.” (you had been upstairs in bed for 45 minutes talking to yourself prior to this).

·      “I need my flashlight.”  Two minutes later (after I am back downstairs), you call me back up because you needed two books to read with the use of your flashlight.  I’ve now learned to tell you to put the books on the bottom of your bed so you don’t call me later to put the books away.  Although, you still call me to get you new books after you finish the first and usually second round.

·      “I decided I want to wear different pj’s.”

·      “Can you read the tag and tell me what my unicorn’s name is?”  So I did as you asked and told you his name is Douglas (after the company who made it).  5 times you called me back upstairs to ask me to repeat his name.  And then you woke up at 3:30am asking me the same thing.  Note to self; come up with an easier name like Mary or Joe next time.

·      “I miss you.” (after 2 minutes of being upstairs in bed)  I have to say that this reason melted my heart.

You are truly the sweetest girl Ellie.  And despite my best attempts at resisting your pleas to stay up later, I always give in just to get that one extra hug and kiss.  And I know your Mimi and Poppy do the same… that’s why you are always so excited to have sleepovers with them.

I love you Bean,

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