Thursday, January 2, 2014

Life Lessons Month of January: Blog 1- Letters from Mom & Mimi

Hi Ellie!

And Happy New Year!  This is the week that most people decide to make a change or two in their life and try to stay committed to that change for one full year.   It is called a “New Year’s Resolution,” and the hope is that the ‘life altering change’ becomes permanent.  People of all ages will tell you that year after year not all of their attempts are successful; after all, old habits are very hard to break.  But knowing that another ‘new year’ is always around the corner, their strongest determination for change usually happens on January 1st.  I too have a new year’s resolution Ellie.  It has to do with my writing.  I want to start penning poetry again and what a perfect blog week to do so.  So here goes El…

Life Lessoned Learned #44:  Each new year brings with it a chance to right our wrongs.

New Year’s Resolutions…  Again

The New Year is upon us
Resolutions begin
Goal setting and changes
Are the key to “win, win”

Diet and exercise
Seem to top the chart
Also quitting bad habits
For a healthier heart

A promise to read more,
Computer time… less
Correspondence to catch up on
There’s no time for rest

Finding a hobby
Or learn something new
Volunteer for a cause
Are promises too

Changing direction
With finances and debt
To ‘save more spend less’
A commitment we set

The choices above
Are obligations sincere
But easy to fall from
As we continue the year

The best resolution
That anyone can make
Is to take the day before you
And don’t repeat mistakes
The 3 parts for success
Are: Body, Soul and Mind
To achieve your resolution
They must be aligned.
So awake with a prayer
Advance with a smile
Life altering changes
May take quite awhile
“win, win!”

By: Mickey Russell
I love you Ellie-bean!  May all your thoughts and wishes come true this year!  And may all the days that come before you begin and end with a smile!

Love, Mimi

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