Friday, June 21, 2013

Life Lesson Month of June: Blog 3- Letters from Mom & Mimi

This past week was Father's Day... we are surrounded by the world's best dads!
Dear Ellie,

This week’s blog wasn’t hard at all.

Life Lessons Learned #16: I learn a lot from you.

Things I learned from you, Ellie, in just one day:

1.     Be eager to learn and be curious (you ask questions about everything and you are so anxious to get to preschool in the mornings- everything now begs the question why?).
2.     Be active.
3.     Don’t be afraid to be silly (you love telling knock knock jokes and saying “bad” words like dooty).
4.     Stop eating when you are full (even if that means eating dessert first sometimes).
5.     Love being outside.
6.     Have basic manners.
7.     Be kind.
8.     Love unconditionally.
9.     Don’t be too vain.
10. Speak frankly and honestly.
11. Wear your emotions on your sleeve.
12. Ask to snuggle.
13. Get really, really, really excited.
14. Dream big.
15. Experiment and push boundaries.
16. Explore
17. Believe in magic.
18. Create your games, make your own rules, and then change them.
19. Be spontaneous one minute, then very indecisive the next.
20. Naps and/or quiet time are a must.
21. Observe.
22. Play hard and then sleep hard.
23. Live your fantasies and play make-believe (you role play and have imaginary friends like no one I have ever met).
24. Relish in the company of those you love the most.

Ellie, from this list I realized I learned something from you just about every hour of the day (and I could go on and on).  You know I admire you because as a three year old, you are limited in so many of your choices (think about it, you don’t have a say in bedtime or naptime or have much of a say in meal choices or running errands) but your imagination is limitless.  You live outside boundaries.  Today, you asked me to pretend to be your teacher, Mrs. Lower (and five minutes later, you also asked me to be you (Ellie), then two minutes later, you told me to be your Mimi), as you were Megan (another friend from school) who had a little sister (named Little Megan, who you pretended to carry around) while we role played in different scenarios.  And if I don’t keep the names and situations straight, you get very upset.  You keep me on my toes!
I love you my crazy girl!

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