Thursday, June 6, 2013

Life Lesson Month of June: Blog 1- Letters from Mom & Mimi

Dear Ellie,

This past week you graduated from your first year of preschool (granted you still have two more years to go before kindergarten, but this was a really big deal for you).

Life Lessons Learned #14: Celebrate moments in your life- both big and small if they are important to you and those you love (especially if you have worked really hard to accomplish a milestone or goal).

You have been practicing for this end of the year ceremony for a few weeks now and you have been so proud of your progress (I knew this because you were constantly practicing your songs in the car and at bedtime).

This service was also new to me so I was told to show up a half hour early to get a good seat.  I’m sure glad I did because you found your cheering section (your Dad, Poppy, and I) immediately after your procession in and waved to us constantly.  You weren’t even one bit shy, performing all the songs in perfect sync with the hand motions. 

Unfortunately, the air condition in the activity center was broken and it was a HOT day but the energy and excitement from the children made the sweltering room bearable and enjoyable.  Your Poppy got some fresh air in the hallway for a short while and he had a perfect view of you from where you were seated.  You were blowing him kisses and smiling at him!  I think that made him forget how stifling it was.

Each class was able to take a turn on center stage to perform their own song and you were right front and center.  As you took the stage and I found my place up front to take a close up video, you yelled, “Hi Mommy!” so loudly and proudly that all the parents laughed.  As a mom, that ranks up there for the best feeling in the whole world.

You may only be three years old Ellie, but this may have well been your college graduation- I was so proud of you!  After the ceremony, we got to meet you at the back of the room and get some pictures before partying at the park across the street.  

For a preschooler, a picnic lunch and outdoor playtime is the best way to celebrate!  We remembered to thank your fantastic teachers too- keep in mind that that path to success is possible because of those who help you along the way.

By 2pm, you were home in bed taking one of the best naps you have taken in a long time.  All of those anticipatory and eager emotions can be exhausting.

May you always take pride in your accomplishments Ellie and know that you have the biggest cheering section behind you.

I love you Bean!

PS- Your cheering section would have been a lot bigger had it not have been in the morning of a work day… but I took lots of pictures for your Mimi to feel like she was right there with us (and that evening, you told her about each second of your big day so I’m sure she experienced it with you!).

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  1. Just perfect Kim. I know that Ellie will be a high achiever and she does have the best support team around her which is her family. I am so glad that you are close by your family to share these small but very important accomplishments.