Thursday, May 23, 2013

Life Lesson Month of May: Blog 4- Letters from Mom & Mimi

Dear Ellie,

You made my Mother’s Day soooo special!

Life Lessons Learned #12: Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive to be meaningful and wonderful.

Here’s why the whole weekend was perfect:

1.     You said, “Happy Mutter’s Day Mama!” about a million times but after seeing the presents I received, you asked, “When’s Kid’s Mutter’s Day?”
2.     You and I had a girls’ slumber party the night before (as your Dad was out of town)- we painted our nails and stayed up late eating popcorn and watching Nick at Nite.

3.     Your Dad and I rented Silver Linings Playbook after you went to bed on Mother’s Day night… I have wanted to see that for months now!
4.     Your Aunt Sammy made us a delicious and healthy lunch at your Mimi’s house- a grilled vegetable salad that is to die for!
5.     You, your Dad, and I ate ice cream for dessert (and I had the best time even though you ate my ice cream cone.  You thought it tasted better than the one you ordered).

6.     I received so many heartfelt and handwritten cards with personal messages.
7.     We participated in a 5k benefitting a local non-profit the day before (even though we cut it short because of a rain storm).

8.     We spent time at church (although you and I go with Mimi weekly, there is something particularly extraordinary about Mother’s Day mass… we have a lot to be thankful for!).
9.     The phone calls, texts, emails, and Facebook messages to and from all the “moms” in our lives were so thoughtful.
10. The sun was shining outside on Mother’s Day (despite the cold temperature this year!).
11. You patted my belly and told the baby inside you love him (FYI- you call him Little Woody or Evan, your nicknames for him depending on the day).
12. We took time to think about Kyle by working on the upcoming annual walk/run.
13. We were anticipating the 20-week ultrasound appointment (that revealed that we are having a boy at the end of September)!!!

14. We got hot chocolate at Dunkin Donuts, and while there you used your vivid imagination.  You role-played that you were your friend Kalena, which made me Julie (her mom)…  so you refused to call me mom throughout the morning while we were out.  You referred to me only as Julie (which was odd, ironic, and pretty funny given that it was Mother’s Day).
15. I felt even more of “Little Woody’s” kicks.
16. I heard you call, “I love you Mama!” from your bed after our nighttime routine.
17. I got a free babysitting voucher from your Aunt Sammy and Uncle Ryan (although I know they would be babysit you anytime for free because they love you).
18. I spent my first Mother’s Day in seven years with my Mom, your Mimi, after being in Colorado.  She had us all over for a Mother’s Day luncheon and it was so fantastic to be home!

I love you Ellie… know that in order to feel loved, be loved, or give love, it doesn’t have to cost anything.

I hope you realize that my children are the greatest gifts I have ever and will ever receive.
Love, Mom

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  1. Kim you take the smallest things and made they into happy memories. We should all write why we are so lucky.