Thursday, May 16, 2013

Life Lesson Month of May: Blog 3- Letters from Mom & Mimi

Pretending to be Daisy the cat :)
Good Morning Ellie-bean!

Lately a lot of thoughts have been swirling in my head and I just keep putting them aside.  So today I decided that instead of writing a ‘story form’ blog, I would go with my thoughts instead.  And that means penning a poem, which I have not done in awhile.  So here is my life lesson learned today, and a new poem!

Life Lesson Learned #11:  When ‘words’ come into my head with deep emotion… Stop and listen.  Then jot them down before they are long forgotten.

I Am A Mighty Three Year Old

I am a mighty three year old
My Mama says it’s so.
I am by no means ‘little’
And I want the world to know.

My hair at times is tangled
My clothes have spots with food
My left shoe’s on my right foot
And I may be in a mood!

I love to play Let’s Pretend
Babies, house, and school
And some days change my name
To whatever fits my rule!

My favorite place to be
Are the playground and the park
Running around outside
From morning till almost dark.

I love to play in the sand
Making castles, monsters and cake
Hiding and finding treasures
With my bucket, shovel and rake.

Gymnastics is my thing
I’m not afraid of the ‘Pit’
I twirl and jump and hoola-hoop
And of course can do a split!

They say I’m a picky eater
I can’t imagine why
I love my cookies and candy
Especially ice-cream pie!

I’m in awe of the world around me
Seeking answers to questions and more
For I am a mighty three year old
But watch out… cause soon I’ll be four!

Have a beautiful day Ellie!  And never stop exploring life outside of the box!
Love Mimi

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  1. Mic that is so good. Love your expression of Ellie's life in a poem. Youreally have a wonderful gift. Ellie is lucky to have you.