Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Life Lesson Month of April: Blog 2- Letters from Mom & Mimi

Dear Ellie,

I am once again going to write about bedtime...

Life Lessons Learned #6:  There are many reasons why bedtime with a toddler can take long, so be prepared by addressing all of these excuses right before lights out (as said from Ellie herself):

1.  Well, when you go to bed then I’ll go to bed.
2.  I have a hangnail, I need a bandaid.
3.  I have a cut (that to the naked eye is invisible), I need a bandaid.
4.  (About 7 minutes later), Look my cut is gone!  It’s all better! I don’t need the bandaid anymore!
5.  I have a bump on my head (again, invisible), I need a bandaid.
6.  I have to go potty (for the third time in 3 minutes).
7.  I’m itchy, I need Aquafor (all over every inch of your body apparently).
8.  My socks are too tight (even though you wore them all day), I need new ones.
9.  Can you tell me the story of the day I was born?
10.  Can you sing me another song?
11.  Can you read me one more book?
12.  Come see my sad face!
13.  I’m hungry.  My stomach’s saying ‘I’m hungry, I’m hungry!’ (wonder where she got that from?).
14.  What day is today? (Thursday) What day is tomorrow? (Friday)
15.  I need one more pretend drink of water (from her play kitchen in her room).

16.  I need a real drink of water.
17.  I need to put my slippers away (that you haven’t worn for days and they have already been sitting out of the way).
18.  Can you fix my blanket?
19.  You didn’t put on your pajamas yet!
20.  I need to check something (as you wonder around your room aimlessly).
21.  I need to tell Daddy something.
22.  I forgot to tell Daddy goodnight.
23.  I need a tissue.
24.  Do you want to talk?  No?  How about tomorrow then?
25.  (Pointing to the top of your bookshelf) I need you to get me the game Candy Land (no Ellie, we will play it tomorrow)… Well, if we play it tomorrow, why can’t I play it tonight?
26.  It's still light outside!  How about if I wait until it gets dark? (Oh boy- it's not even close to June 21 yet!)

You usually ask for an extra book to read to yourself after I kiss you goodnight and I always agree to that for two reasons.  One, I want to encourage you to read (and I did the same thing as a kid) for you to see that books are magical.  Two, I love hearing you read aloud when I am downstairs.  Your memory for these stories is incredible and sometimes I can’t help but come back into your room and have you read to me.

The three main reasons though that I will always come back to your room after lights are out, is when you say, “I need one more kiss!” or “I need one more hug!” or “Do you want to snuggle with me?”  I can’t get enough of any of those!

I know this list will grow… as I figure out how to check these off before I leave your bedroom, you always come up with something new to try to get me back in!

I love you!

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  1. How funny is this little girl. She is the queen procrastation. Just love how she uses her imagination . Kim you and Justin are great parents.