Thursday, March 28, 2013

Life Lesson Month of March: Blog 5- Letters from Mom & Mimi

Dear Ellie (my now official 3 year old!),

It is in our quiet time right before your nap that made me realize this:

Life Lessons Learned #4:  You are never too old to hold hands.

As I lay with you before you fall asleep for your afternoon rest, you always ask to hold my hand.  Although it’s usually a fleeting moment (as you quickly toss and turn), I want you to know how much comfort that gesture gives me (much more than it gives you, as I assume you mostly like the security that you have someone next to you).  Please know that no matter how old you get or how old I get, you placing your hand in mine will give me peace, love and joy.  Remember this as I age or if I get sick.  Small, quiet gestures sometimes mean the most and touch the heart the fastest.

I love you Bean!

PS- As much as I say you are stubborn, you have such a sweet and compassionate side too.  You show affection throughout the day by saying, “You know what Mama?  I love you.”  And at bedtime when we read books, you lean over and kiss my cheek during the stories.  Being three and speaking and acting freely from the heart is something I wish a lot of people didn’t outgrow.  Happy birthday my angel, my sunshine!
You celebrated your actual birthday with your cousin Colin in New Jersey this year!

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  1. Kim how true, small gestures such as hand holding and kissing never grow old. Your lesson shows Ellie what a great MOM she has.