Friday, July 5, 2013

Life Lesson Month of July: Blog 1- Letters from Mom & Mimi

Dear Ellie,

You are a rough and tough girl (and a little clumsy) so it’s only natural that you get your share of cuts and bruises.  Just the other day, you were singing and dancing on your ladybug chair at your Mimi’s and Poppy’s and got so caught up in your routine that you fell out… and ended up with a long abrasion on your leg.   

Life Lessons Learned #18: Kisses can make everything better.

Whenever you take a spill, I love that you know that a hug and a kiss may not heal your wound right away but it will make you feel cherished, nurtured, and somewhat better.  Usually, it’s enough to stop your tears and even make you smile.

And I love that you know to return the favor… the other day, the cat ran off my lap leaving a sore scrape.  You came right over and without asking or blinking an eye, you kissed my leg gently then went right back to your make believe game.  It was such a kind, innocent, and sweet gesture.  It made me so proud of you and I forgot all about the scratch.

You always know that you can run to me when you get hurt (or your Mimi).  I explained to you that Moms sense what their children feel because our hearts are connected.  I told you that when your heart is hurting, so is mine (seeing real tears spill our of your eyes is enough to make me want to cry with you).  Looking at where your heart is and my heart is and noticing they are clearly not touching, you observantly responded, “How?”  So I held up my hand and crossed my middle finger around my pointer finger to show you that our hearts are intertwined.  You, my smart girl, recognized the connection, and said, “Oh!  Kind of like criss-cross apple sauce!” referencing the way you sit at school with your legs crossed.    

Remember Ellie that most times, the emotions of love and happiness can surpass the physical pain.   

I love you Angel!

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  1. I love the way that you take the simplist actions and turned them into lessons learned. Years from now Ellie and you will be able to re-read these lessons and hopefully Ellie will realize as if she doesn't already that she is truely loved for herself just the way she is. Kim I love how you embrace every moment with a story, love your passion for living.