Thursday, July 12, 2012

Creative Writing: July Blog 2- Letters from Mom & Mimi

Hi Ellie Bean,

This month is a bit crazy with all the family visits.  So to still continue with our creative writing theme (but taking a month break from our Ellie and the Magic Teapot adventure stories), we are trying our hand at writing poetry.  Now for your Mimi, this is nothing new… she has been writing poetry for years and has her grandmother’s gift of words.  But for me, this is a leap as poetry is about rhythm and I have none!

So as for our guidelines: your Mimi tried to make this easy on me and started.  Her writing is in italics and mine is in regular font.  Our first poem is a limerick because of its AABBA structure.  I’m learning a lot about writing while working with your Mimi on this blog!  So here’s what we came up with:

Ellie’s Silly Week Poem

There once was a girl named Ellie.
Who loved to eat PB and jelly.
Each day would begin
With a spoon and a grin
As she filled her growling belly.

On Sunday she’d stop at the park.
She never went when it was dark.
She’d whoosh down the slide
The swings next for a ride.
Quite happy she’d sing like a lark.
On Monday she’d ride her bike.
The one with 3 wheels called a tryke.
She could peddle quite fast
Always having a blast.
It didn’t matter she was just a tyke.
On Tuesday she’d visit the zoo.
Beginning with exhibits brand new.
The giraffes she liked best.
And train rides for a rest.
Happily bouncing like a kangaroo.
On Wednesday she went to the sitter.
Who let her make pictures with glitter.
Oh the mess it would make
When she gave it a shake
Making a mound of sparkling litter.

On Thursday she watched dad’s game.
Her cheer for him was always the same.
“Let’s go Dad, hit a home run!”
Then sit on his shoulders after he won.
“I like baseball!” she would exclaim!
On Friday she’d shop at the store.
To search through the toys galore.
She would pick up a book
With Tinkerbell and Hook.
Buying the same one as the week before.

On Saturday she swam in the pool.
The water was nice, crisp, and cool.
Into her mother’s arms she would leap.
And splash around in water knee-deep.
Ellie learned to paddle and kick at swim school.
Daily skyping was her routine.
Mimi and Poppy would say “Hi Ellie Bean!”
They would laugh, chat, and play.
And the miles seem not so far away.
Their goodbye was a hug to its screen.
At day’s end she would say a prayer
With a kiss and a hug to share.
Mom turns off her light
With a whispered “Good Night…
Sweet dreams Ellie girl so fair.”

We love you Ellie Bean and I know you are having a great time this summer seeing a lot of family and friends!
Mom & Mimi

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