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Ellie and the Magic Teapot Off to the Park: June Blog 5- Letters from Mom & Mimi

Dear Elle,

Your Mimi left on Monday and it was so hard to say good-bye (even though we will see her back east in just a few weeks).   We had such a great last few days with her… 
going to a princess tea party, 
hanging out at the indoor park (as it was incredibly hot outside), 
eating a fabulous dinner at Brio,
and finally taking you to your very first movie called Brave! 

Now it’s time to firm up Kyle’s 5k Walk/Run plans to make sure everything is in order.  Your Aunt Ally (who runs the registration table) has set our yearly goal to be $10,000.  I thought she was way too optimistic but as it turns out with pre-registration forms, we just might break that record!  Can you tell I am getting so excited to honor your brother in such a positive way?  

And I always feel so blessed Bean that you get to take part in it.

If you remember from last week, your Mimi had such an incredibly busy but extremely fun visit that your Mimi didn’t get a chance to write her chapter of the blog (as you were attached to her hip!).  So this week’s blog will only be your Mimi’s chapter to read.  Next week, we will return to our normal routine and both write to conclude our ant story. 

And now here is our yearlong bedtime story/stories (with many chapters to write!) for you.  Our goal Ellie is to have a beloved bedtime tale for you and future generations.   

And so we will continue our second story. 

Ellie and the Magic Teapot: Off to the Park Part 11 (Mimi’s chapter)

Skeeter's body tensed as he relived how his team found their last scavenged item and tried to figure out where he could have cut time to win.  Searching through his memory he decided to start with the moment his team walked off The Hill in search of the Band-Aid.  At that precise time, they were so far ahead of The Pink Team that it should have been a sure win for The Red Team or so he thought…

“Skeeter, look to the left.  Luck is with us again as we search for the last scavenged item on the list!” Slyguy yelled out as he jumped up and down with sheer excitement.   

With a sore behind and a slightly embarrassed ego, Skeeter stole a look.  And that look was enough to revive his spirit.  No more than ten marching steps away from where the group stood sat a little girl and her mommy who were rolling a ball back and forth over the smooth velvety grass.  “Holy cow!” Skeeter breathed with surprise while blinking twice to make sure what he saw was actually real.  “The Hill is right behind us and the last item to be found, the Band-Aid, is right in front of us!” he continued. 

“Actually four Band-Aids Skeeter!”  Slugger smiled.  “And they’re all on that little girl’s right shin.  It should be easy for us to grab one and run it back to The Hill before the Pink Team returns, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, I do think that Slugger.  Winning this game is going to be way too easy!  Somebody pinch me so that I know this is real and I’m not dreaming it!” Skeeter arrogantly replied.

“Uh-ok,” Shortstop responded while giving Skeeter’s upper left arm a good hard pinch.

“Ow!  Have you gone crazy Shortstop?  Why did you pinch me?” scolded Skeeter.

“Duh… because you said to,” Shortstop answered tersely.

Speedy interrupted, “OK you two, stop it.  Let’s concentrate on getting one of those Band-Aids off that little girls leg, laying it on our pile and claiming the win!”

“Yeah, and then we can finally be done with this game,” Shortstop mumbled under his breath. 

Skeeter glared at him. 

Slyguy broke the tense moment by whispering to the group to fall into place and tiptoe towards the little girl.  As they neared her ankle, one by one they hopped on Slyguy’s shoulders and attached themselves to her leg.  Crawling towards the first Band-Aid, a cartoon Giraffe, the five ants moved very slowly as they didn’t want to tickle her skin.  But when they went to grab it, it stayed stuck to her leg.

“You’ve got to be kidding,” Skeeter said frustratingly.  “This Band-Aid has so much sticky gummy substance on it that I don’t think we can pull it off… not today or any day for that matter.”

“Not to worry Skeeter,” encouraged Speedy.  “Lucky for us there are more Band-Aids to try.  Let’s crawl to the next one, the cartoon monkey, which is only an inch above this one and work on removing it quickly.”

So they did.  Again the five ants came upon the same problem.  That Band-Aid was also stuck to the little girls leg like cement.

“Urghhhh!” Skeeter seethed.

“Easy Skeeter.  Take a breath.  There are still two Band-Aids we haven’t tried so let’s just move to the next one, the cartoon peacock.  Hopefully it peels right off, as it’s only about eight ant-steps above this one. ” Speedy encouraged calmly. 

So they did.  And again the five ants came upon the same problem.  That Band-Aid too was stuck to the little girls leg like cement.

Skeeter was so mad that he didn’t wait for the rest of the group and stomped off towards the fourth and last Band-Aid, the cartoon bunny rabbit, by himself.  One of its curved corners where the sticky gummy substance had worn off was slightly curled up so Skeeter edged himself into it further trying to roll it like a bulldozer pushing a boulder!  But all his stomping and nudging apparently tickled the little girl and she started to rub the Band-Aid with the palm of her hand.  Slyguy, Speedy, Slugger and Shortsop watched on in horror, fascination and shock as the little girl rubbed and rubbed the Band-Aid and continued rubbing it until it had molded into the shape of a tiny ball with a crazed Skeeter stuck in its middle.  As the last edge of the Band-Aid detached itself from her shin, gravity took hold of the weighted mass and pulled it towards the earth.   The befuddled four ants watched Skeeter’s bugged out eyes roll from side to side, around and around while his shrieking wail grew louder and louder only to be silenced quickly when the Band-Aid hit the grassy ground with a hard thump.

“Uh-oh, here we go again,” said Speedy.

“GET… ME... OUT... OF… HERE!” garbled Skeeter.

“ We will Skeeter, but not yet.  It’s going to take some time to free you from the inside of this sticky, gummy Band-Aid.  So our plan is to take it as it is and march it back to our pile as fast as we can to claim the Red Team’s Victory!” finished Speedy.  And before anyone could respond, Speedy directed Slyguy, Slugger, and Shortstop to circle the Band-Aid, grab an end and run with it.

“No-no-no-no!  I need to take part in the delivery of this scavenged item… I am the leader of the Red Team!  I am the winner!” shouted Skeeter.

“Oh stop your whining Skeeter.  As far as being in charge of our team and leading the scavenged item to our pile… well, looking at you at this very moment you ARE the whole package,” chuckled Slugger, “You and the Band-Aid can be our 1st place Trophy!”

“And then this game will be over and we can get back to work before Queen Ant finds out that we played hooky today!” added Shortstop.

As the Red Team ascended The Hill to their surprise the Pink Team had somehow beaten them back.  And they were proudly standing next to their completed scavenged pile, which they rightly deserved to be.  Shortstop, Slugger, Slyguy and Speedy knew the Pink Team played the game fair and square as well as smarter and kinder.  And even though they were happy that Alfy’s team finally won a game against them, the four ants were annoyed with Skeeter for constantly being such a poor sport.  So instead of just setting the last scavenged item, the Band-Aid along with Skeeter down on their own pile they gave it a good toss missing it completely.  As it rolled in the dirt settling itself next to a rock, Skeeter was finally freed from the Band-Aids middle giving him a chance to finally vent his anger.

“Cheaters!” he screamed…  

We love you Ellie Jelly Bean!
Mom & Mimi

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