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Holiday Month of December- Blog 5: Letters from Mom & Mimi

Whew Ellie,

Holidays are so much fun but they can be such a whirlwind of excitement!  Sadly, your Mimi and Poppy had to leave on Tuesday.  So your Mimi and I are on the phone talking about what fun their long weekend over Christmas was with you.  Your Mimi’s words are in italics and mine are in regular font.

Oh Ellie, you were so much fun this Christmas.  It all started when our flight into Denver (3 days before Christmas) was delayed!  Your city got almost a foot of snow!  We arrived at your house while you were napping so we ate a late lunch with your Mommy and Daddy and caught up with the latest “Ellie” stories.  When we heard you stirring upstairs, your Poppy and I put on our coats and went outside to ring the doorbell to surprise you!

After you got up and walked downstairs, you saw Mimi’s luggage at the bottom of the staircase (you are so smart with a really good memory).  You gasped because you recognized it (she has smiley face stickers all over it to distinguish it from other bags on the carrier).  Yet it didn’t click at that moment because when the doorbell rang, you yelled, “Pizza!”  And when I opened the door for Mimi and Poppy, you had a look of pure disbelief, which quickly faded to pure joy and excitement (and as your Aunt Joanne says, you became velcroed to your Mimi’s side!

It didn’t take you long El before you took us up to your room to show us all your toys and your crib.  You had me pretending to be a crazy lady by insisting I don a ratty wig and hat while you played the crazy baby wearing a diaper on the outside of your clothes! 
That night, your Daddy grilled delicious turkey burgers for us girls and steaks for the boys.  You made sure to gobble up your food quickly so you could take Poppy upstairs into your Mommy and Daddy’s bed to watch the Mickey Mouse Club!  Do you see a pattern here yet Ellie!  Hint, hint….. You Rule!  When Poppy woke up the next morning, his pajamas were still covered in your stickers!

Friday was a really fun day… we got an early mall start because we wanted you to see Santa Ellie!  You were hilarious!  Even though you wouldn’t look at him (although I am sure you kept him within your peripheral vision,) you didn’t want to leave his lap either.  And you were so darn serious in the pictures! 
We’ve all come to realize your game plan Ellie.  It is not so much that you didn’t want to sit on Santa’s lap… you just wanted to make sure that no one else did either!  We’ve seen you do this with your little friend’s mommies too!  You are quite a clever little girl “Einstein!”  And because you are so independent, you rotated walking the mall with riding on Poppy’s shoulders so we were able to get some last minute shopping done in our favorite stores. 
We then finished up at the Grand Lux Café for lunch where you played happily with Mimi’s pocketbook!  My guess is that you made our waiter very happy if he looked underneath the table once we left.  If he did, he probably would have found oodles of Mimi’s coins!

With all the walking that morning El, you had a really good afternoon nap… perfect so that your Mommy and I could get our nails done.  We both picked the same Big Apple Red color for our toes! (Go figure!)  Not only do I love “Ellie and Mimi” time, but I also love “Kimberly and Mimi” time too.

We got home in time to leave for Zoo Lights- we really packed this day full!  One of the first things you spotted was the carousel and wanted your Poppy to take you on the “horsies!”  I think you went on it at least three times!  
You didn’t really care too much about the magical lights or the few animals that were still out to view.  You were more interested in walking (while us adults were freezing) and just wanted to play in (and eat) the snow.  
El, you looked like a snow bunny mummy with one mitten turned backwards!  You certainly do make us laugh!

Saturday was Christmas Eve and it was a quieter day.  Your Mom and I even got a game of UpWords in while you were napping!  We did make a point to go out and buy the December issue of Print Magazine because your incredibly talented Uncle Ryan had two pieces of work featured in it!!!  I am thinking Ellie girl that you might take after him with your artistic nature although sometimes it is hard to see what you draw as you always seem to gravitate towards the white crayon! 

We dressed up for Christmas Eve Mass.  
Ellie, your Mimi picks out your Christmas dresses and this year, she outdid herself… your polka dotted dress and faux fur coat were breathtaking!  
Your hair on the other hand is a story in itself!  I promise I do brush it Ellie but no matter it still looks like you stuck your finger in a light socket!  And it doesn’t help that you will not let anyone put a bow or a barrette in it either!

Ellie, I couldn’t resist getting the faux fur coat because your Mommy had one when you were her age!  
I remember all those years ago your mommy sitting ever so nicely in church belting out the words to the Our Father Prayer in an off key melody.  But you little one were more interested in the water fountain out in the hallway and the stepping stool to reach it!

We sat in the children’s room, which worked out perfectly because you got very antsy toward the end.  Like Mimi mentioned, I think you insisted on going to the water fountain at least a half dozen times!  How your beautiful dress didn’t get soaked is a miracle in itself!

But you did keep very busy with my pen Ellie… you would put the cap on, then pull it off, put in on, then pull it off over and over and over again.  I must say too that even though you looked like a beautiful porcelain doll… if anyone took a close up view, they would have seen that both palms of your hands were covered in black ink scribbles!

After Christmas Eve Mass, we followed our same tradition as we always have- pizza, wine and National Lampoons Christmas Vacation!  After you went to bed, your Mimi made her famous and delicious homemade stuffing for Daddy’s delicious Christmas turkey dinner!

Once you fell asleep, your Daddy and Poppy put together our gift to you- a kitchen set!  And maybe if that wasn’t funny!  
One would read the directions and the other would get the correct size screwdriver and screws!  It kind of reminded me of the light bulb joke Ellie…. Ask me about that one when you grow up a bit!

Ellie, I am worse than a child on Christmas morning.  I can’t sleep because I get so excited.  Your Dad, Mimi, and Poppy told me I couldn’t get up before 6am so right on the dot, we started opening gifts…. One person, one gift at a time.  It’s a wonderful way to savor the morning!  You slept in for an extra hour, which was good because you were so entertaining to watch!  Your Daddy always picks out the best jewelry and your Mimi and Poppy made us proud owners of the Green Packers with a share in the team!!!

Ellie, your Poppy and I loved the gifts from you most of all!  The calendar of your pictures, the World’s Greatest Poppy t-shirt, and the Mimi 2 shirt are the best!

We skyped with family and mostly watched you play for the rest of the morning.  You loved the kitchen set and played for hours cooking, organizing, preparing… you were so excited with it!  
And the interactive car set from your Mimi and Poppy was great too (although the noise that comes out of it would make any sane adult go crazy after fifteen minutes!).  Your Nana got you a baby crib, which you insisted on sitting in rather than putting your doll in it!

Your Daddy cooked a fabulous Christmas dinner with all the trimmings!  The turkey, cran-apple crumble, and sweet potato pie were to die for!  But the company was the best part.  Your Dad’s friend Al and Justin Weaver came and stayed late into the night playing a really great game I found called Zero!  Your mommy and I played at least four rounds with the boys, then we gave up and went to bed.  The game was so much fun that the boys continued to play into the early hours of the morning!

I’m not sure who was funnier with that game!  It was also the perfect day because the Packers played and they won!!!

Monday, the 26th,brought new adventures.  Poppy’s cousins, the Stigales, flew into Denver to ski for the week in Breckenridge.  On their way to the mountains, they stopped by to have tea with us.  It was a quick visit but your Mommy and Daddy will see more of them on Wednesday when they drive up for the morning to ski and visit with them.  After we said our good-byes, we found ourselves at the mall getting great after-Christmas bargains.  

And we ended the morning with lunch again but this time at a delicious Italian restaurant called Brio.  But more important, the day after Christmas is a big day because Gigi turned 75 and her life is to be celebrated!  I’m glad we got to skype with her! 

The 26th was also bittersweet though, as it was your last day with us.  I’m glad Poppy took us out to Red Robin… not a usual hot spot for him but he always thinks of you Ellie.  It was almost like you sensed they were leaving though because you put on such a show when we got home. 

Oh Ellie, you melt my heart with your giggle!  I could play hours and hours of “Let’s Pretend” with you.  My favorite is the Telephone Game.  It pretty much consists of 3 steps.  1.) Ring, ring, ring.  2.) Hello  3.) Goodbye.  And a lot of silliness in between!  You and I also have lots of fun playing Ring Around the Rosie and when you recite “Ashes, ashes…. Well, let’s just say that those words come out of your mouth in a not so PG rated version!   

I’m so glad that your Mimi stayed up late to play one final game of UpWords with me.  It gave me a bit more one on one time with her.  You see Ellie; we can talk about anything and everything and of course our most favorite topic… YOU!  Your Daddy is always amazed that our conversations are never at a loss of words!  I can’t thank your Mimi and Poppy enough for all they have done.  It was another amazing trip, which is why it’s always so hard to say good-bye.

Thank you Ellie for making the best memories with me this trip.  You are forever my tea drinking, fun-loving peanut.  I love your quirky personality and how you are always one step ahead of thinking outside the box!  Your mommy and your daddy are wonderful parents and it is such a joy to watch them raise you.  I am forever grateful and thankful that they open your home to us with open arms.  My children and my grandchildren are my world Ellie.  Kyle’s presence was with us too …. You had a special part in that!

One last thought before I go Ellie.  It is about the season of Christmas…. It is because of Christmas that we are blessed all the year through with the Holy Spirit.  It is because of Christmas that we are who we are.  I think the lesson to be learned here Ellie is to be His messenger and prayerfully we will come to understand the true meaning of Christmas!

Love you Giggling Angel Girl!
Mom & Mimi

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