Saturday, July 2, 2011

Vacation Month of July- Week 1: Letters from Mom & Mimi

Dear Ellie,
All right, it is the beginning of July and our topic this month is Vacations.  So here is its definition.  Vacations:   A period of rest and freedom from work, study, etc.; time of recreation, usually a specific interval in a year. 

These past two and a half weeks have been the best (although I say that every time Mimi visits- we always find fun, new things to try).  And as our July blog topics will be about vacations, how fitting is that we start on recapping Mimi’s visit to see us?!  This week, your Mimi and I are going to write our blog jointly (as it is our last week together here in Denver before Mimi has to go home on Sunday).  Your Mimi’s part of the conversation will be in italics and mine will be regular so you can tell who is speaking.  And of course, we are doing this over multiple tea times!  Yes Ellie, you are even joining us while we write as you are our newest tea member thanks to Mimi introducing you to tea!  Gram Mundy sure would be proud.  

I think Ellie takes after me Kim with how she takes her tea… milk and sugar… lots of sugar!  And I can’t wait to have a true tea party with her; table and chairs, a complete tea set, dress up clothes with hats and lots of stuffed animals around!

So to start, let me ask Mimi what how her visit here has been (and I already know she is going to say spending time with you Ellie is the best part).

Since we already talked about my first week here, how about we start with the plane ride to Green Bay… 

the first leg of our journey was easy because Ellie zonked but the second leg got to be rather interesting as we had to entertain her with multiple songs.  You know Ellie’s favorite is the 3 Little Ducks song and she loves the part where I throw my whole body into the “Wiggle Waggle”… meaning shake from head to toe.  And being seat-belted in a plane seat made it difficult.

Ha-ha Mimi, your stories always remind me of funny memories that I laugh out loud over.  This one reminded me of the plane ride home when Ellie ate a whole container of cheese puffs and we let her so to keep her happy.  But now I got too far, let’s talk about the Green trip itself.

I love how Ellie took to my Mom right away because Ellie doesn’t go to many people.  Ellie and my Mom must have that same strong independent (and stubborn streak).

That was pretty cool and Gram Bubbles sure was good with Ellie, especially when they played with the Tupperware as fancy hats! 

Seriously Kim, Ellie can get away with it because she is only one but my Mom looked like she was ready for the loony bin!  Don’t you think?  It sure did make me giggle!

I thought it was neat how Ellie liked playing with all of her cousins, aunts, and uncles. 

The kids all wanted to be her mother hen.  My sister, Sheri, is amazing with children.  She knew Ellie would enjoy chocolate cake 

and took her to the Farmers’ Market for a relaxing afternoon… perfect for a baby who loves to be on the go.  And my brother, Steve, got out the Tonka trucks and he and Ellie had a blast filling them with balls all the while she was saying, “Vroom Vroom.”  

And Ellie even got to see Pop Bud- sort of.

Even though I know my Dad’s soul is in heaven, I was glad that Ellie got to the cemetery.  And Kim, I think she definitely has a 6th sense… knocking on his grave...

And waving in the distance (when there wasn’t a blessed “soul” there, so to speak) gave me goose bumps in a comforting way.

Ellie sure did put on a lot of miles in Green Bay.  Can you believe it was her 8th roundtrip plane ride- too bad she doesn’t qualify for frequent flier miles!  Ellie is an on-the-go baby!

She sure is a go-getter.  How about our morning walks?  Besides waving to anything and everything that moved, do you remember the lady that was a block away from us?  Ellie kept trying to get the woman’s attention by quietly saying Hi and raising her hand to gently wave those tiny fingers of hers.  And when she didn’t get it (obviously the woman was so far away, she didn’t notice us), Ellie bellowed out a deep, huge, screaming “Hi” that sounded like it came from the bottom of her toes.  I still can’t believe that lady didn’t hear her… why the people living in the next state over had to hear her! 

Ellie’s friendliness sure went beyond strangers.  She met new friends too!  I think Ellie and Ayden acted like an old married couple!   

Your friend Julie has the nicest kids and grandchildren.  And it was so nice too Mom that we got to meet Marianne and Kathy (and Kathy’s daughter), your dear friends from when you were younger.  I think you are teaching Ellie what relationships, especially friendships mean.

I do have wonderful people in my life.  And you have great friends too Kim.  I’m glad to see how you and Justin have made a warm and welcoming home here in Denver.  It was so nice to meet your friends at your baseball barbeque and tea party, having Jaclyn and her baby over for a play date, and spending time with Shiloh (she really is the queen of Upwords).  We are both blessed with amazing friendships.

I have to say too Mom that I hope Ellie and I have the relationship that you and I have.  I’m glad that you and I still make time to do fun things like the tea party and watching the Kennedy miniseries.  Horseback riding in Breckenridge was gorgeous!  And I love that you will dress up with me and play all the parts of the roles we have… we made great cowgirls!   

Ellie, don’t you worry… as soon as you are old enough, you will be on these adventures with us before you know it!

You know me Kim; I love having a nice lunch with a good glass of wine with you!  The Blue River Bistro in Breckenridge was the perfect choice after horseback riding!   

Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you that you looked very “J Crew Cowgirl” in your blue and white checkered shirt along with your cool and very with-it cowgirl hat!  I know, I know…. our sneakers gave us away on being the “not so in-the-know” horseback riders.  I guess we will have to splurge on cowgirl boots next!  (Let’s make sure they have some hot new color to them!)  And I love that we are able to sandwich shopping and pedicures in between our crazy ideas is the best too!  You know I love that red you chose for your toes this time!  When do you think we can paint Ellie’s nails?  She sure is a diva!  How about her shopping for Aunt Sammy’s shower and finding that blue boa (and knowing how to wear it)?!  I’ve been calling her Zsa Zsa ever since!

I wonder who she takes after?!  I have to say that the multiple zoo trips with Ellie were fun too- I’m glad you got to see Ellie eating (and saying) ice cream in person!

Kim, I’ve never seen a baby get as excited as Ellie (and wow she sure does love animals)… instead of yelling in excitement like most children, Ellie inhales all the air around her and she makes an O shape with her mouth, points, and says “Oish” at all the animals that move!   

Whatever do you think that means?

Oh Mom, I so wish you didn’t have to leave.  Justin and I sure do appreciate the babysitting you did and all the date nights we had.  Ellie thinks of you as her 2nd Mom (as it is obvious when she sometimes calls you Ma instead of Mimi, which she says both so well!).  Maybe she should call you Mom-Mom!   

I can’t tell you how much it melts me heart that she loves you so much.  I think you are kindred spirits.  Ellie really is connected to your hip and she will be in withdrawal when you leave.

It is going to break my heart to leave because I love Ellie so much and you too Kim.  We do have fun together.  But really, it’s only 3 weeks until we see you in Philadelphia for Samantha’s bridal shower. So how about we write about our favorite vacation of all time next week?  It will give us happy memories to think about when we will be a little sad leaving each other.  And the lesson to be learned here is sharing.  On this trip, we shared time with each other and I hope Ellie you realize how important that is.

That sounds perfect Mom; you always know the right things to say.  Ellie and I both love you very much!  And I think not only is sharing time important but what you do in that time and making the most of it is pretty significant too.

The feeling is mutual Kim…. The feeling is mutual!

So Miss Ellie, we hope you enjoyed our tea conversation.  Until next week’s blog on favorite vacations…
Mom & Mimi


  1. Loved the way you both did it together. And putting the pictures in between was great, gives youa visual of the story. You two have the best times together and share something really special, try to always treasure this.

  2. Thank you Jackie! We had a lot of fun writing this one. I just wish I lived closer to my Mom so we could do this every week!