Friday, June 17, 2011

Father's Day & Then Some Month of June- Blog 3: Letters from Mom & Mimi

Your Mimi & I in character as Dee and Ruthie!

Hello Sweet Ellie!

I need to take a one week break from honoring dads to refresh your memory of the past week.  First off, your Mimi is back to visit!!!  Yay!  And nothing is ever dull when she is here... in fact, life seems to be so much more fun during her visits.  And so, we started her vacation with a bang.  Your Mimi had this great idea to have a Murder Mystery Tea Party!  So who to invite for a Thursday acting day?  My school friends of course.  Unfortunately, you are too small to be a part of this kind of tea party but I wanted to share it with you so that someday we can do it together.  I was the snooty hostess and your Mimi was the clumsy neighbor.  The 9 of us had scripts to read to give clues as to why our neighbor was murdered all during a three course meal (scones, tea sandwiches, and dessert) served with tea of course (your Mimi prepared everything and boy was it delicious… and even better, I got to claim credit for all the work as my role was Dee, the amazing hostess).  Your Mimi provided us with hours of fun and laughter. 

I am so glad my Mom is here Ellie and so are you.  You can say Mimi clearly and you sure do love her as much as she loves you.  As I keep saying, there aren't many people you particularly like or will freely go to (I think the total is 5), but you have a special bond and run to your Mimi when you see her at the airport (as you can see by these gigantic smiles of excitement!).  

You've already showed her your fun in the pool and outside at the park. 

So what's next on our crazy 2 1/2 week agenda with your Mimi?  Well, we will celebrate Father's Day of course and we need to make time for the zoo.  And then, it's off to see Mimi's family in Green Bay- just us girls for 5 days.  And I'm so glad that Mimi will be flying with us Ellie as you need a lot of entertainment these days!  And when we come back, our goal is to fit in a hike and mani/pedi...  Girl time = Fun time! 

Love you Spaghetti!

And now from your Mimi…

Hi Ellie-belle,

I know it is the month of celebrating Father's Day but this week is a bit special as I am calling it the "Then Some" part of our blog.  You see, I have come to Denver to visit you and your parents.  I can tell you the anticipation of my trip west has had me pretty excited.... so much so that I drank one too many cups of tea the eve before my plane departure.  And yes... that meant I pretty much watched the clock on the hour every hour until the alarm went off at 4:30 in the morning!  Tired?..... maybe a little.  Anxious to see you?..... definitely, 100% yes!

So I have now been visiting with you, your mommy and daddy for a day and a half and every minute has been special Ellie.  It began at the airport when you came running to me with your tiny arms up in the air and those precious little fingers of yours wiggling back and forth as if they were saying out loud "pick me up!"  Of course those baby blue eyes of yours were sparkling like the sun and your smile was as big as Texas and so genuine Ellie that again, you have stolen my heart.  For someone so young, you are very good at that little munchkin! Before dinner we were able to take in a quick swim where you showed off your love of the water for me.  

By the time the 3 of us arrived home, your dad was ready to grill some amazing chicken, as it was "Mexican Wednesday."  (I think it is usually Mexican Monday but they were sweet to wait for my visit in the middle of the week but couldn't think of a "W" word to go with Wednesday.  So we will have to work on that one Ellie!)  Anyway, as the 4 of us were eating, (you of course were in your highchair), we were enjoying each other’s company while catching up on each ones day to day happenings too.  I guess there must have been a moment where you were not the center of attention because very quietly and very gently you lifted your plate and placed it quite carefully on top of your head where it balanced perfectly!  

The funniest part of this story Ellie is that you knew not to move your head or the plate would fall off, so you copped a pose moving only your eyes from your mom to your dad to me and returning to your mom only to repeat this process!  Ellie, you had us giggling all night!  I love you so!  

And today was another special day.  Your mommy is a bundle of energy Ellie and so much fun to always be around.  I love her so, also!  About a month ago I bought a Murder Mystery Themed Tea Party on line so your mommy decided to host it during my visit.   She is so good at "taking the ball and running with it"!  So with some of her wonderful colleagues we were all given a specific character to role-play for the afternoon and what fun we had!   Your mommy was to be a "June Clever" of sorts and I was to be a clumsy oaf of sorts, but your cousin Steve Russell upon closer inspection put us in a completely different category.  

Apparently your mommy looked more like the cartoon character Wilma Flintstone and I looked like Betty Rubble!   When you get older Ellie, never be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone as there is a world filled with exciting adventures just waiting to be explored! 

Now tomorrow has yet to come but the plan is for you, your mommy and I to visit the Denver Zoo!  I believe a busy weekend is in store too followed by a fun filled week in Green Bay to spend with more relatives who adore you!  I will tell you more about your Green Bay family in a later blog.

So Ellie, I guess the lesson to be learned this week is to always enjoy the time spent with the company you keep.  Your mommy will always be your mommy and the best is, she can be your best friend too!  Make sure to share fun moments with her often and make sure to share quiet times of reflection with her too.  You will continually learn new things about the wonderful person she is Ellie and you will also learn new things about yourself and what makes you the wonderful person you are!  Embrace every moment for they truly are times to treasure! 

OK Kimberly, how about next week we finish up our June blog with what makes a "Great Dad" along with an awesome grilling recipe in honor of Father's Day!

Till then Ellie-bean,
Love Mimi

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