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Celebration Month of March! Blog 1: Letters from your Mom & Mimi

Celebrating Your Brother's Life in this Beautiful Dress from Donna and Heading to Brunch!

Dear Ellie (aka Ellie Girl, Spaghetti, Sunshine, Angel, Baby...),

Your name means shining light and your sure have brought that into our lives.  I can't believe you are about to turn one.  This year has been the best ever filled with more love, smiles, and laughter than I thought possible.  And because you have brought such happiness, your Mimi and I thought that for a birthday present, we would write to you (don't worry, given your history and how many people love you, there will be piles of gifts to open too!)  Our goal is to pick one topic per month and write letters to you circling around that topic a few times during that month.  We want to try to give you some wisdom that we already have (or think that we have).  Our goal is to teach you lessons that maybe will make your life easier (because isn't that what all moms want for their babies?) or simpler yet, give you some of our advice and stories for you to pass down to your children.

So we figured there couldn't be anything better than the topic of "Celebration" for your birthday month.  And really, who celebrates life more than a child?  You see life completely new and with fresh eyes.  Right now, as I am typing, you have found a drink coaster and have been playing excitedly for more than 20 minutes with it.  Yesterday, your dad and I were running errands with you and it was a windy but sunny day.  Each time we took you out of the car the wind would whip at your face.  Your smile was so big as you tried to drink in the wind, and you tried to keep your eyes open to enjoy the fresh air but they looked more like crescent moons as you squinted them shut shielding them from the sun.  And then last night as I sang Old McDonald, I ran out of animals on the farm so I put in a frog... and every time I would rib-bit and lick the air with my tongue you would crack up hysterically.  If we could all live life like you are right now, I think the world would be a happier place.  You are showing us Ellie (or rather reminding us) to celebrate life no matter how big or small.        

So maybe as I am starting to write this blog, this isn't going to be so much about your Mimi and I teaching you life lessons but rather the other way around!

I love you sweet pea!  Keep on smiling because it's contagious.
And now from your Mimi...

Ahhhhhhhhh.  Perfect beginning Kim!
Ok, here goes:

Dear Ellie and may I add (aka Peanut, Rosebud, Pretty Girl, Girlfriend...),

I love that your mommy came up with this wonderful idea of a "Letters to Ellie" Blog starting on your 1st birthday and hopefully lasting a lifetime! And I couldn't agree with her more by saying that it might be you teaching us a lesson or two, as our wisdom has turned some adventures into mishaps now and then!!

No matter.... your mommy and I always have fun together!  So come join us! First I shall make myself a cup of tea, then I will come back to this place with tea in hand to sit and write a note to you.

Alright, I am ready.  I will begin with researching our first Topic Word.
"Celebration"  Celebration means: the festivities engaged in to celebrate something.  If you ask me, 'Webster' couldn't have explained it any better!  By its dictionary meaning.... your mommy and I could find something every day of our lives to celebrate.  We can even celebrate small things like 'talking on the telephone'! it isn't hard to get excited when I hear your moms voice at the other end and as soon as our hello's are out of the way, we chat about work, family, friends, annoyances, ideas, books, upcoming events and so on.

The best is Ellie that we do this "celebrating" more than one time a day... heck, we probably do it at least a dozen times a day. Sometimes so much so that your daddy makes fun of us!  Example:  If we already talked a couple of times and your mom calls me back lets say in your kitchen, your dad will start the conversation with "Hello Mic, I'm doing the dishes now." or if she calls me from the closet, he will say "Hello Mic, I am amongst the hanging clothes now."  or if she calls me from the bathroom, he will say.... "Hello Mic, -well, I won't say right now what he would say!  Let's just say it is funny! And lastly,... which he did just this very minute is mimic us saying "no, you hang up." "no You hang up."  "Ok you hang up."  "No You hang up!"and on and on he would go!  He is such a tease at times Ellie!

You know, with your very first special birthday comes a few other celebrations too in this month of March!  How awesome is it that not only is it your birthday, but it is your mommy's birthday and my birthday as well!

We are a unique trio!  You know, there was a famous trio of women on the TV show Petticoat Junction (that's before your time. Heck, I think it is before my time too.)  But anyway, they were named BillyJo, BobbyJo and BettyJo, and quite famous you know.  Oh....and there is a sister trio in a garden.  They are Squash, Corn and Beans. And believe it or not, there is a Rock Group with a trio of girls. I think they are called the Pussycats... but I am not really sure.  Hmmmmm.... maybe we could come up with a name for ourselves.  I will have to think upon that.  You too Kim.  You three Ellie,... when you are older that is!  We shall work on making our name very original and quite creative!

OK, I guess my whole spin on the word celebration Ellie is for you to realize that it doesn't matter how small or how big the activity is.... just that you enjoy it to its fullest!  For if you start your day off smiling, you are sure to end it with one too!

I love you also Sweet Pea!


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